CPM ERP: High efficiency Up to 25% profitability

The ERP that brings efficiency and performance to the companies and enables sustainable growth provides effective communication and coordination between business units and their functions. Moreover, the ERP makes it possible to share information quickly and effectively, and enables instant control and proactive management of all processes by developing effectively and within an integrated form.

You can reach your growth goals by only a quality ERP

You will achieve maximum performance and earning as more than 500 customers have done while even large systems can be managed from a single center with a single touch. The ERP decreases the risks and time losses possibilities and increases your competitive power as well as gaining 25% of profits.

Effective management of business processes through integration and automation...

CPM ends all problems related to confusion, loss, communication and coordination by integrating the company units and their information and automating business processes. CPM also enables the effective management and potential improvements within the companies.

Healthy, efficient and profitable growth with ERP solutions

Companies that are not supported with technological and structural systems in relation to the growth process may face the opposite table of Growth. On the other hand, companies using CPM ERP in all business automation and integration processes both grow up and increase their productivity and profitability.

We do not have time for paperwork!

You do not have to bother yourself with the mess of the paper works. You send your bills electronically fast and without errors and you can increase your productivity by the CPM E-Invoice, saving time, labor and paper.

You will win as well as the nature!

There is a great change and performance in companies where E-Invoice, e-archive, e-book transformations are completed by the CPM software. Things get faster, productivity increases and paper waste is finished. Not only you, but also nature wins with E-Transformation.

Is there still a need for the archives?

When a copy of the bills is being sent to the customer as a legal obligation, another copy is also digitally archived at the E-archive system. The time, place and papers will be saved as the problems of the invoices are being lost or copied will no longer be faced.

The E-Notebook solution of the CPM!

You can easily keep “Daybook” and “Ledger” electronically in accordance with applicable standards by the CPM E-Notebook solution. It does not only save time and labor; but also it will save money and provide the environmental protection.

The effect of doping on the companies

CPM software increases the power of the productivity and competition of the stable and future-oriented SME’s. CPM software provides protection against risks and accelerates their growth and also maintains a maximum performance and profits.


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