CPM Software, which was established in Istanbul in 1989 at a time when local digital integration systems became widespread, continues to serve with a wide range of products since then. With hundred percent domestic capital, taking important steps towards becoming a global brand, CPM Software provides efficiency and speed to the country industry with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

CPM ERP, which is frequently preferred in sectors such as food, retail, banking, textile, industrial production, logistics, consulting, advertising, chemical industry, heavy industry, furniture and assembly industry, has gained recognition of the companies with its practical usage structure, simple interface and wide knowledge of regulations.

Professional Solutions with E-Transformation

CPM ERP, developed and brought into life by the devoted efforts of Turkish software developers; offers unique options in terms of productivity, profitability and performance. Modular services that are optimized for sustainable growth and that stand out as 100% domestic integrated business solution; make it easy for you to manage the entire business process from a single panel. The CPM ERP, which is brought in compliance with the standards of the Ministry of Finance and works in integration with the Revenue Administration (GİB), enables you to control existing risks and time losses without the need for investment costs. E-transformation modules offered by CPM Software allow you to easily manage services such as e-invoice, e-archive, e-dispatch, e-reconciliation and e-ledger under one roof.

After Sales Support and Full Integration

CPM Software offers non-stop and practical service to its customers with both after sales support and integration support. Providing fast communication and full coordination between business units such as accounting, finance, human resources, customer relations, delivery, warehouse, sales, purchasing and production, CPM ERP makes it easy for you to proactively manage production, audit, control and sales follow-up by consolidating business activities.

100% Customer Satisfaction with User Friendly Software

CPM Software, having a flexible and versatile range of services, offers solutions that meet the expectations and needs of companies. Prioritizing business ethics and service quality, CPM Software goes beyond the stereotyped software templates and provides solutions to the needs of the sector and company habits. CPM employees, specialized in software, design, product development and e-transformation legislation, support companies to take important steps towards institutionalization and digitalization.