New generation problem solving for new generation problems. QlikView Turkey provides solutions to problems in all areas.

Qlik is a technology firm established in Sweden in 1993, although it is currently headquartered in the US. A NASDAQ quoted company, Qlik serves over 35,000 customers in 105 countries with 1,700 business partners. The Turkish branch of the firm, QlikView Turkey, works with nearly 20 years of knowhow, an expert team and 40 business partners to boost the effectiveness of decisions made by more than 250 customers. Qlik analyses extremely large sets of data within seconds, or in other words, at Qlik speed. The company also utilizes its patented “Interactive Analysis” to provide navigation and data discovery at the speed of thought. Data from different sources, both within the company and external (Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.) is easily integrated into the application for analysis. Qlik can make incredibly fast calculations even with the greatest amount of data, then share these analyses with team members to allow for collaboration. In doing so, Qlik offers data for the company’s use 4-5 times faster than conventional platforms.

As a result, companies can browse data and ask new questions at each click to determine the status of the business as well as shape the actions that need to be taken along with their parameters. They can also transport this data to even the remotest units and mobile teams.

Qlik operated with a single product, QlikView, before launching Qlik Sense in 2014. This product was born out of the mobile platform and initially developed with a mobile approach. It allows the user to both view and do design on mobile devices, and it comes with features like quick and automatic image adaption to screen size as well as a touchscreen experience that is closest to natural interaction.

Experts agree that it will inevitably change companies’ approach to business intelligence. This is fully in line with QlikView’s aim to go beyond just being a technology firm and transform business with a data-focused approach. Let’s say you have an insurance company. With QlikView, only a fraction of the services you will receive include sales performance management, including for agencies; actuarial analysis; damage analysis and optimization; telematics analyses; the relationship between damage performance and customer loyalty; and the determination of ill will in damages and premiums… If you’re a retailer, some of the main services you will receive include shopping cart analysis, target customer detection, customer segmentation, marketing campaign performance and pricing analysis. There’s more: for telecom operators, there is finance, human resources and similar controls, map-based network and customer analyses, and field performance management; for banks, there is 360-degree customer, branch, product controls, cross-sales, pricing simulations, revenue assurance, risk, AML and human resources, segmentation and marketing campaign analyses, collection actions, services and sales performance for call center employees, and service level monitoring; for logistic companies, there is the monitoring of process indicators, employee performance as well as field performance; for energy companies, there is bill simulation, data control via operational systems, revenue assurance, legal reporting and many other detailed services. QlikView Turkey provides solutions to problems in all of these areas.