Gain insights from your raw data to grow your company…

Do you struggle every day with files of data about your customers, services, partners, suppliers or competitors? Do you need clear information before making a decision for your business? Then it’s time to meet a business intelligence program to fulfill all your needs!

CPM Business Intelligence Program helps you interpret your raw data and understand the movements in your industry to make strategic decisions about your business.

Small businesses, in particular think that business intelligence programs are too complex and unnecessary for themselves. In fact, today’s business intelligence programs are very useful for all companies that need to make inferences from a large data repository.

Why is a Business Intelligence Program Necessary for a Company?

Business intelligence programs, also known as BI programs, enable employees whose job is not data analysis in companies to access reports that they can read and understand when they need.

It also contributes to the emergence and interpretation of previously unnoticed information. Business intelligence programs follow the metrics of companies such as sales, transformation, usage and interaction. It analyzes the interrelation of seasonal services and seasonal trends as well.

With the help of business intelligence programs, successful services can be identified, the yield of a project can be determined and new markets can be explored.

In short, a company needs a business intelligence program to develop new projects and make future plans.

Why Use CPM Analytics?

In the past, it was only data analysts who were able to interpret data in companies. Now, with the help of business intelligence programs, anyone can analyze data. Besidesyou can also gain insights to grow your company and predict what will come to you in the future with the help of these programs.

CPM ERP, which wants to lead data-driven business transformation in Turkey and which is completely a local brand, collaborated with QlikView, the leader of the global BI market in 2016. Thus CPM Analytics product was born.

What is CPM Analytics?

Using the QlikView infrastructure, CPM Analytics helps users quickly analyze their big data and make safe decisions about their future.

This business intelligence program, created by the merger of CPM Master and Qlik Sense, automatically adapts your company’s information and visual data to the size of your screen. So you don’t miss any data, and you can interpret your data as a whole.

What can you do with CPM Analytics?

  • You can convert your raw data into reports and data tables that can be applied 4-5 times faster than other programs.
  • You can make measurements that concern your business, follow seasonal trends and get insights hidden in your data.
  • You can collect data from different sources together. By combining this data, you can generate different reports and measure the performance of your departments.
  • You can share your reports with your colleagues and interpret your data together.
  • You can easily interpret your data in a highly secure system.


Keep in mind that your business may change in the future. Therefore, it is very important that you work with a business intelligence program that can keep up with your wishes and priorities, considering that your company may change suddenly. CPM Analytics offers you this flexibility and more with the QlickView infrastructure. Moreover, CPM Master Users can have CPM Analytics business intelligence program with very reasonable prices. Thus, with Master’s advanced reporting tools and CPM Analytics’ data interpreting power, they can carry their companies into the future and demonstrate their quality in the industry. It’s the right time to meet CPM Analytics to make the right decision for the future of your business and to perform data analysis more effectively!



Qlik which was established in Switzerland in 1993 and it services to above 35.000 its customers in 105 countries with 1.700 business partnerships and CMP which was established by 100% local capital in 1989 and it services to more than 500 sme and upper-sme customers on Turkey ERP market have started to work the purpose of increasing decision efficiency of ERP directors as signing an association which its similarities are seen in our country.

QlikSense which can make very quick counting even on largest data and gives opportunity to collaboration as sharing analysis with team members work in integrated with CPM ERP now. It presents all of them to use of institution as developing in 4-5 times quicker by classical platforms.

So institutions can form case of works , actions that they require to take and their parameter as getting in data and asking new questions on each clicking. Moreover, they can transit the information to extreme units, they can present to mobile units.

CMP Analytics which a rose from partnership of CPM Master and QlikSense has got sensitive design which adapts information and images automatically to screen size , provides to users to see points which would be overlooked on data on CPM Master or which would be hidden.

CPM Master users who will have got CPM Analytics with quite attractive terms will show differencies at sector in one more time as advancing Business Mind culture to one more step on CPM Analytics and companies besides developed reporting tools of Master.