‘Human capital is the greatest asset for all companies. The institutions which are able to manage their human resource efficiently and effectively not only make a difference but also grow much more rapidly and firmly. CPM ERP / HR Module displays all personnel movements and information only with one click no matter how big your company is.

The effective management as a concept for all employees including both the manager and the managed groups shouldn’t be understood narrowly as selection of talented staff and placing them in positions where they can work efficiently.

Other than the supply function the efficient personnel management also encapsulates planning of the labor force, personnel development and assessment in order to enhance their motivation and productivity, efficient pricing, providing a safe and healthy working environment and regulating employment relationship (employer, employee relationship).

This extensive employee management process with various stages should be completed in a fast, safe and controlled manner. Since every type of activity and management function of an enterprise is implemented first by the personnel or with their support, we can conclude that the personnel management is the most significant function of the management and even of the enterprise. Effective personnel management is one of the building blocks of the companies. After considering all these factors, we developed CPM ERP Personnel Management Module in order to deliver efficient and fast solutions for companies. This module has been designed to support managers to get the most productive result that they targeted more easily.

With CPM ERP / HR Module, you can open a workplace card and formulate an organizational chart for your all main and affiliated companies. You can also manage your insurance identity information and accelerate your access to the database.

You can easily monitor and manage the employee’s personal information, contract, social rights, income and cuts, private pension, private insurance, shift and debit information over personal cards.

The reports such as performance and attendance charts can be reached by Personal attendance control system (PDKS). You can create daily and/or monthly check marks and payrolls through personnel attendance control system or manually.

You can monitor annual leaves and identify the personnel whose leave matrix overlaps with actual leaves. On the same screen you can also view the cost of the employee to the employer.

You can create XML output of the payrolls in order to transfer data to the e-declaration system of the Social Security Institution.

Furthermore, as the employer you can register unemployment declarations, workplace accidents, work health and safety and occupational diseases as well as employment insurance via CPM ERP / HR Module.

You can regulate the employment termination declarations. Moreover, you can send pay slips of the personnel as encrypted in a digital environment.

You are also able to make payment analysis, register payments and pay cuts besides tracking remaining installments. You can access your final list of employees with one click and calculate the total or daily labor cost, allowances, subsistence and cuts, severance and notice pay.

Employment is one of the most crucial responsibilities in personnel management. Before employing someone, you can calculate the net employee cost by registering the social security premium, incentive cuts, disability degree, and nominal rate data, net or gross wage of the employee in the system.

You can report your after-training assessments and create a training plan as well as defining the place of training and the training card in the training management window.

Briefly, you will have the opportunity to easily monitor and successfully manage all the sections relevant to your employees, the most important asset of your company by means of CPM Software/personnel Management Module. You can outperform you rival companies which do the same job with more or less the same production capacity, input, output and technology through efficient personnel management, thus reach a more productive potential.

You will have some extra time to meet the needs of your employees and create a working environment suitable for everyone. Integrating CPM HR Module with your company contributes to enhance motivation and performance of your employee within your company.