We have best learned as CPM family that human resource is a function that affects the destiny of a company the most. Affecting our service quality and our efficiency directly, we are sensitive of our human resource because it develops method and procedure and uses all our resources as money, material, premises, energy, machine, and time as well.

The job definitions of all our organizational positions are clear and determined, and minimum requirements of our workers in these positions are certain in order to achieve their job.

When we need employees, the applicants conforming to these job definitions and requirements should have the following procedures;

  • Pre-interview is performed by our human resource or relevant managers first,
  • After the pre-interview, personality inventory is conducted under the control the management consultants of our company,
  • Available applicants make one on one interview with our management consultants,
  • The recruitment decision is given as a result of the face to face interview with the top management.
  • The successful applicants have our 2-4 week orientation program which is planned elaborately and professionally.
  • Practical personal development trainings are given to all our employees by experts every year.

The main aim of these procedures is to have selected employees who are well-educated, happy, guided correctly, motivated, satisfied and will work for us for a long time.

As CPM, we invest in human first, machine second and then plant…