Everything for Education






Established with 100% national capital, CPM Software continues to serve its country with social responsibility projects in the field of education. Thanks to “Everything for Education” project of CPM Software started in Urfa, 10.000 students were provided with winter clothes, 20.000 students were provided with books, and water wells were drilled for 20 schools. With “Everything for Education” project, which was commenced in order to create a solution for heating and water problems, in total, 250 schools and 100.000 students are intended to reach as a result of the 5 year plan.


In these days in which severe winter conditions are experienced, CPM Software, which is the leading ERP company of Turkey, has carried out “Everything for Education” project in order to make contributions to the education of children all around Turkey. 10.000 students were provided with winter clothes and water wells were drilled for 20 schools in Urfa as the first phase thanks to the social responsibility project to be carried out in two steps as schools and students. As a result of the 5 year plan, in total, 250 schools and 100.000 students are intended to reach all around Turkey with “Everything for Education” project.

Recep Palamut, Chairman of CPM Software Executive Board, expresses his ideas about “Everything for Education” project with the following words: “Especially in Eastern and South-eastern regions of our country where severe winter conditions rule over, the children put up an incredible struggle in order to have education. Though the government does its best in order to solve the problems, I believe that there are also tremendous responsibilities for the private sector. The leading problems are cold weather and the clean water issue. Without discrimination between the eastern or western Turkey, we carried “Everything for Education” project into effect in order to ease the lives and help children to achieve their dreams who live in hard conditions and whose only wish is to continue to go to their schools. We are a company who believe in the power of Turkish software developers. Perhaps, a child to whose life we may touch with “Everything for Education” project will be a software developer in the future and will serve this country. Knowing this and being able to make a difference for the life of even only one child are our most important motivations. Our children will go to their schools perhaps feeling the winter cold a bit lesser thanks to their presents and will have a chance to realize their dreams. Apart from winter clothes, the wells we drilled will especially remediate the clean water problem which is a serious issue for these regions. From now on, our children will be able to reach clean drinking water in their schools easily. There is nothing for which it is possible to come to life without water. “Water” is an essential for us in sickness, hunger, cleaning and in similar important matters. Water is life and the most fundamental human right. Our contributions for the disadvantaged regions will continue increasingly. Besides, we are endeavoring to render our helps a sustainable model.”