Everything for Education




CPM Software visited 95 schools in Şanlıurfa within the context of the “Everything for Education” social responsibility project. Within the scope of the visit made on April 12-13, the opening ceremony of Suruç Harmanalan Middle School and Sucuhan Şehit İsmail Alıcı Primary and Secondary Schools were held. Rabve Foundation approached one step closer to its goal of reaching 250 schools and 100,000 students in 5 years.


Within the scope of the project “Everything for Education”, Rabve Foundation has visited 95 schools in Şanlıurfa. CPM Software, which visited 20 schools in Hilvan and Suruç on 12-13 April, opened the dining halls of the Suruç Harmanalan Secondary School and Sucuhan Şehit İsmail Alıcı Primary and Secondary Schools.


Recep Palamut, who said that they carried out trips to 3 districts, 63 villages and 95 schools in Şanlıurfa to date within the scope of “Everything for Education” project, also stated; “It is a great pleasure to contribute to the education of hundreds of brilliant students from 95 schools in Şanlıurfa. We provided clothing and shoe aids for 15,000 students last year and our aids continues unabated this year as well. While our support for the disadvantaged regions continues to grow, we also attend to carry out our aid campaign on the basis of a sustainable model.”

Recep Palamut, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, underlined the fact that with 20 schools visited in Hilvan and Suruç, they are one step closer to reaching the goal of 250 schools and 100.000 students in 5 years as envisioned by the “Everything for Education” project. He further added, “We are mobilizing all our forces for the “Everything for Education” project, which we initiated in order to realize the dreams of children living under difficult conditions and whose only wish is to continue their education. Helping them attain their future professions and contribute their country is a great pride for us.”