“Everything for education’ project offers an insight into the future of Şanlıurfa”

The leading ERP company of Turkey, CPM Yazılım has visited 270 schools until today in Şanlıurfa within the scope of “Everything for Education” social responsibility project co-signed with Rabve Foundation. With the visits made last year, approximately 60.000 students were reached with donations of clothes and books, water wells were opened in 28 schools with water problem.  In Everything for Education project, in 3 years, 270 schools and 60.000 students were reached which was planned to be done in 5 years.

Acting with the vision of being one of the countries of Turkey remembered firstly in the subject of ERP software, CPM Yazılım has visited 270 schools in Şanlıurfa until today within the scope of “Everything for Education” project carried out with Rabve Foundation. Visiting the schools in Siverek, Hilvan and Suruç between 7-10 November, CPM Yazılım has delivered coats and boots for winter to thousands of students again. CPM Yazılım and Rabve Foundation has reached 270 schools and 60.000 students in the first 3 years, which they have planned to do in 5 years, with the social responsibility project they have built for the purpose of contributing to the education of students all around the country.

Stating that they have visited 3 districts, 63 villages and 270 schools in Şanlıurfa until today within the scope of “Everything for Education” project, CPM Yazılım President of the Board Recep Palamut said that; “With our journey, starting 4 years ago with my son’s teacher’s wanting books for students in Şanlıurfa, we have reached thousands of students today. We try to do our best to contribute to the education of gleaming students struggling with the impossible. We want our children to receive the education they deserve with the opportunities we have in these difficult winter conditions. In 2018, we provided clothing and shoes to 20,000 students and our help continues to grow day by day. Since the day we started the project, we have opened water wells for schools in the regions where water problems are experienced, and we have ensured that children get education in hygienic environment. We strive to ensure that our aids are in a sustainable model in this route we have started with the sense of responsibility.”

Underlining the fact that they have reached 270 schools and 60.000 students in 3 years, which was planned to be reached in 5 years, with “Everything for Education” project with 20 schools visited in Hilvan and Suruç, Recep Palamut said that; “We will continue to use all the facilities we have in hand with the project “Everything for Education” which we have implemented in order that children who are trying to continue their education life by struggling with difficult conditions in disadvantaged areas reach their dreams. Because we are aware that helping each other is not volunteering but responsibility. Children’s eyes are shining when they see us. We need to tell them that they are loved and not forgotten. Having a share in achieving their dreams in the future is a great pride for both us and our country.”