CPM Master ERP Budget Management

Depending on the economic development processes, budget management practices are essential for the future decision-making processes of business management.

General Characteristics of Budget Management

– You can budget according to all fields that have been defined on both current inventory cards. For example, products, product groups, customers, customer groups or customers can be targeted by budgeting goods or comparison analysis can be reported.

– You can budget your targets as per quantity-price-amount-discount. When you enter your quantity and price targets, the system generates an automatic amount budget.

– Revised budgets can be created from the main budget.

– Cross-budget comparison reports between revised budgets can be made.

– Budget-concerning and actual comparisons can be made.

– You can create controls according to all budgets created in all paperwork processes.

– You can ensure that documents are included in the approval flow in cases of budget overruns.

Main Sections of Budget Management 

– Sales Budget

– Gross Sales Budget

– Discount Budget

– Net Selling Budget

– VAT Included Total Sale Budget

– Collecting Budget

– Production Budget

– Purchase Budget

– Net Purchase Budget

– Purchase and Payment Budget

– Expense Budget

– Project Budget

– Expense Payment Budget

– Investment Budget

– Cash Flow Budget

– Proforma Balance Sheet and Income Table

Cpm Activity and Budget Management Solutions consist of Bidding, Invoice Request, Cost Tracking, Automated Briefing, Payment Papers, Bank Cash Sweep, Reports and Proposal sections.