Kemal Arıkan: “We have to drop costs and use technology as a weapon to increase quality.”

Could you please briefly tell us about yourself and your company?

I was born in Kahramanmaraş in 1970. I graduated Kahramanmaraş Anatolian High School in 1989. I got my major in Business Administration from Gazi University

in 1995.

After having worked in different branches of textile industry, I was hired as the raw weaving planning manager of Arsan Dokuma Inc. Co. in 1999. I’ve been working as the Deputy General Director of Arsan Dokuma for 9 years. At the same time I became an Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor (SMMM). I am married with two children.

What are your company’s fields of activity and what are your future plans in this regard?

Arsan is one the most well-established companies of our country. Our firm is an integrated establishment producing ready-made fabrics for the garment industry. For this reason, we own yarn, raw knitting, raw weaving and fabric dyeing facilities. We have a flexible production capacity. We are experienced enough to understand and deliver what our customer wants with a customer focused perspective. We particularly aim to produce more special and original products, thus become a pioneer company in the market.

CPM’s software power combined with our textile knowledge created this program. After determining the main roof, we included all our divisions in the software. We brought our best experts with the CPM team together. In a way, we weaved this program like embroidery with them.



What do you make of the course of your sector in our country?

Even if some make quite pessimistic comments on the textile sector (from time to time), I believe that the textile industry is irrevocable for our country. Our geopolitical closeness to Europe and our longstanding knowledge of our new generation about textile are great advantages for our country. It should be noted that textile created tremendous employment opportunities in our country. Textile will remain essential in the future, as well. The companies that value innovation and work in a customer focused manner will survive for tomorrow.

Why did you need to use ERP software?

The more your company grows, the more your need for new ways to access correct information increases. If you don’t have any information about a job, you can’t own it. The ambition to reach the correct information led to growing need for using software. If we can control the information, we can control everything.

What type of advantages did the dyehouse module that you are using brought to you and your company?

We can receive different types of reports by means of the module that we use. Thanks to this module, we could get access to data integration. We ended information pollution. We had the chance to control a larger base once we accomplished data loading on a broader base. We had the necessary data for corrective actions. Now we can reach statistical data more rapidly. We turned our company into a body which gives more rapid and fast decision. We rarely need written communications and telephone calls for marketing anymore. It is now easier to reach correct information.

You are using a very special module. We couldn’t find any other company that writes another dyehouse solution for this in Turkey. What are your comments on that? Could you please give us some information about your solution partnership with CPM?

It is true that we use a special module. We created this module in cooperation with CPM. CPM’s software

power combined with our textile knowledge created this program. After determining the main roof, we included all our divisions in the software. We brought our best experts with the CPM team together. In a way, we weaved this program like embroidery with them. Now we expect more out of it. CPM team makes developmental additions to the program in line with our demands. Actually, our ongoing demands prove our confidence about this program and the software team. It is not that fun to develop the program all the time. Both sides may get weary in this development process. We submitted new demands to the software team even at the end of the development process. Sometimes we pushed hard on the team and tested their patience. Eventually, this program has many users from a dozen different departments. Thus, each user had dozen of requests. I believe that we did a great job together. We brought the program that CPM showed us at our first meeting to the highest level. Most importantly, we created an improvable module.

What do you make up the latest fast developing and changing technology?

Life itself is the change. For sure, technology will also develop and change. What we need to do is to keep up with this change. If you resist technology, you need to draw from the market. We have to drop costs and use technology as a weapon to increase quality.

What do you think of the future of the sector? What are your future plans?

To the contrary of what I said before, textile doesn’t die but changes shape. Turkish textile gives priority

to innovation. Turkey manufactures for top brands of Europe. This is a branding step. Now that some Turkish brands started to open new stores with their own names in Europe. These are important developments for branding. Turkey’s population is increasing and the need for new trade circles is surging as well. The textile industry is gradually developing; therefore its’ market share has to be consolidated. According to the current economic data, it is clear that our country needs this industry more than ever.

Is there any other sector that you operate in now in the future other than textile industry? Would you like to embark on a different sector in the future?

Our main umbrella company Arsan Textile Inc. Co. has partnerships in natural gas and power distribution companies as well as in lodging sector. Turkey has a large scale developing economy. Therefore, we are always interested in the idea of investment as one of the leading companies of Turkey.

What are the advantages of working in the Central Anatolia? Are there any disadvantages?

Our company was established in Kahramanmaraş in 1984. The company management always prioritized investing in this city. There may be some disadvantages related with working in the Central Anatolia. Nevertheless, somebody needs to make investments on this territory and create new employment opportunities as well. We shouldn’t just complain about hardships of being in Anatolia. We should expand our investments in all regions of this country. In the past it was difficult to bring qualified workforce to the Central Anatolia. Now it is not a problem anymore. Of course we can name many disadvantages, but what matters is to eliminate them all.

So, as a successful person what do you do in your free times?

Actually, I don’t have much free time since I work all

the time. But I enjoy spending time with my family and chatting with old friends. I try not to miss any football matches of Fenerbahçe. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to read books anymore. However, I enjoy visiting book fairs and buying books with my daughters.

What are the factors that increase your motivation at work?

If you don’t love what you are doing, you can’t motivate yourself. I love my job and this is already enough to be motivated.