Holding the required materials in right place and time is essential for manufacturing companies, and it hinders the negative effects like stock cost and stock outs. MRP determines what you require, how many and when, and when to order. On the other hand, it also alarms you to make changes in your orders according to your plan. Thanks to this, it allows you to hold free places in your storage and only makes you to order the required parts. More you can apply the system’s alarms and messages, the more your stock levels will degrade and your cash flow statement will be improved.

Industry-Specific Solutions

• ERP Solution for Project Engineering
• ERP Solution for Healthcare Industry
• ERP Solution for Aktivite Ajans
• ERP Solution for Magazine Advertising
• ERP Solution for Assembly Production & Service

ERP Solution for Assembly Production & Service

Before CPM ERP

• Hundreds of unnecessary product cards in the system
• Inability to measure the performance of assembly
• Failure to follow up the product and warranty in the service effectively.
• Inability to analyze tenders
• Running out of stock continuously
• Hours long report preparation etc.

CRM Business Management

• In-Company Business Management
• Sales activity management
• Fair business management
• Creating opportunities or offers from the activity
• Activity performance evaluation

Stock Management

• Inventory tracking based on version, warehouse, rack and serial
• Manual reservation of material in stock
• Automatic distribution of goods in stock to pending orders
• Doing all inputs and outputs by hand-held terminal
• Label printing in goods reception or warehouse
• Reporting the materials falling below dangerous stock level

Sales Management

• Undefined product offer
• Product selection with configuration logic
• Prescription materials stock status
• Order revision tracking
• Project proposal preparation
• Tracking status of stock in transit
• Order planning
• Invoice, guarantee certificate and shipping label printing at the same time
• Creating project card and project work and expense
• Reports

Purchasing Management

• Calculation of material and contract manufacturing needs
• Getting executive approval at every stage
• Tracking of whole import process in the form of order, proforma, in-transit and customs
• Partial clearing and warehouse tracking
• Reflecting import expenses to cost according to different distribution parameters

Production Management

• Bills of material on the basis of version
• Make to stock
• Custom production
• Production planning
• Touch terminals usage
• Quality control
• Product label printing
• Linking production needs to transfer order

Service Management

• Formation of Warranty Card as soon as invoice is issued
• Product / part serial tracking.
• Recording every product that comes to service
• Service process tracking
• Tracking of troubleshooting forms
• Offer tracking
• Informing the customer automatically at every stage