With our new project, the car seat manufacturing sector’s hardest part, Special Manufacturing for Orders problem is now solved. You can now track quality management processes through the system, which are defined according to ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 and important Automobile Supply Industry. Company is now able to perform ISO and Company inspection successfully, through the ERP. And also the Technical Picture Document Tracking, one of the most important problems, is transferred into the program, and it is possible to track all the informations through the program with associating stocks with documents, and reaching technical picture documents.

Automotive Manufacturers Save Storage Space With ERP

As CPM ERP, we have special solutions for manufacturers operating in the automotive industry. Our users, among the leading manufacturers in the industry, can follow complex processes more easily and quickly, while analyzing value for process optimization. With the help of ERP software, manufacturers can follow up their dealers with a single click, and they can instantly control the stock of the products required for manufacturing. Users who save storage space also increase the supply reliability of the products in the warehouses.