With your 30 years of experience in weighing sector, trained personnel about the related certifications and the professional solutions supported by wide product portfolio made your company an innovative and leading company in Turkish Industrial Weighing Systems sector. Can you tell us about you and your company?

I was born in Trabzon in 1974. After I graduated from the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Karadeniz Technical University in 1995, I came to Istanbul for work as majority of engineers did in that period. In 1999, I have joined Baykon family as a sales engineer which was established by two engineers conducting Ph.D. in ITU. I have been employed as production manager since 2001.

Your products are sold in 90 countries, e.g. Germany, USA, China. What would you like to say if you would evaluate your sector at domestic and international levels?

Baykon was established in 1987 as an engineering company. While the company made electronic production for its solutions within the process, it became a manufacturer by certain standards. Today, we export to certain countries of Europe, China, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, USA and African countries. We have exported to more than 90 countries, and we export to more than 70 countries each year. We have distributors in Brazil and Australia. With the product quality, operation efficiency and solution focused characteristics of the products we produce abroad, Baykon brand is more reputable each day. Our marketing and sales teams put great effort to access international markets, to develop business with accurate business partners and to ensure brand awareness. Our R&D team continuously develops new product ranges in accordance with the requests of customers and sectors, and we try to get better in domestic and foreign markets. 

What would you like to say about E-Solutions such as E-Accounting, E-Invoice that provide easiness, profitability and savings for companies today? What are the conveniences it provides to your company?

E-Accounting application saves and facilitates cost items such as accounting book extraction, physical archiving and notarization. All interested parties who will conduct examinations of accounting books will benefit from data analysis and control in the electronic environment. E-Accounting application was first used in domestic sales, which was followed by exporting. In particular, delivering the invoice to the counterparty, proof of the delivery to officially responsible address, the possibility of quick and practical implementation of registration by other party, the conveniences of reconciliation, saving time and cost of paper documents and mailing have been some of the revolutionary effects of this new application. Generation of invoices parallel to the legislation, the provision of data security in the electronic environment, control of related data and the analysis of data creates added value throughout the country. In terms of export;  following the quick generation of all the documents, information, business processes by including the customs to the party and issuing the invoice, and the declaration related to the GTIP number caused cost benefit and time-work facilitation. The stage of export within customs and the details of transaction can be traceable through GTB system.

How did you decide to work with CPM ERP? How did CPM solve your problems?

Before CPM, we had a system that we have developed with our software team, through which we could follow the production and inventory tracking services, and which we associated through accounting programs and codes. In the process, we have updated the software two times in order to cope with new developments.  When we needed to update for a third time, the workload it brought to us and the reporting difficulty caused by scattered data and the inability to conduct customer analysis, product costs, stock aging etc. have caused us to collaborate with ERP. We have been using CPM since 2009. It is possible for CPM ERP to analyze all kinds of processes for companies that define all their processes on ERP.

What do you think about the necessity and use of all data, information systems that store real data and allow them to be managed? What are your future plans for your company?

Companies need real data to evaluate the past and present, and with such data we can better assess our business processes and identify future trends with fewer mistakes. It is no longer possible for companies to look forward only by using common accounting data. The processes should be evaluated by lower process diffractions.

What benefits did the CPM CRM Customer Relationship Management System provide to your company?

With CRM, we use the data in our database and act accordingly. We consider sharing of marketing department data with sales and sales department develop new sales policies with this data as very significant. We are able to respond to these questions in terms of inventory costs, profitability in products, specific products sold to specific customer groups, the sectors we work with, and the profitability of our customers.

Can you spend time for yourself in this pace? What do you like to do?

I have two daughters, aged 4 and 7. I mostly prefer to spend time with them. Also, I have been interested in mountain climbing for long years. Whenever I have time, I still go to easier climbs.