Star Gazetesi | 19/08/2018

Recent movements in the market is in the agenda of all those from varying ages. While explanations are being made from government side regarding the increases observed in exchange rates, eyes are turned to the steps that will be taken Board Chairman of CPM Software Recep Palamut, who stated that industry should show sensitivity to the approach of trading in TL , also said: “In the foreign exchange movement that is started after the extreme rise observed in exchange rates, when we evaluate our own sector, payment of software prices in Turkish Lira is a very important advantage for Turkish economy now. Software companies with foreign capital are receiving payment in terms of foreign currencies in Turkish market. Paying for software prices in foreign currencies in Turkey is betrayal for both Turkish software sector and for Turkish economy. Unfortunately, our country suffered a lot from the rises in exchange rates for long years. We believe that in these days it is required for us to adopt Turkish Lira as a country and for each country to realize their payments in TL with the awareness of attempt, regardless of their sizes “.