Less risk, more trust in your purchasing operations…


In business life there always is a solution that makes any given process more efficient. Purchasing management is one of these processes.

When these processes are not managed appropriately or relies solely on the past information and data collected by paperwork, it becomes a painful task as well as prone to errors. However, with the CPM Enterprise Purchasing Management Program, it turns into a reliable process based on accurate data, which helps you save on money and time.

Which Features Should a Good Purchasing Management System Have?

If you want to make your purchasing process efficient for your company, you should be working with a system that provides you data or allow you to interpret your own historical data.

A good purchasing management system should be able to integrate with the information on systems such as sales and stock, and provide you real-time data. When you have access to information such as stock levels and customer needs, purchasing planning becomes an easier task for you. A purchasing management system with access to inventory levels will be able to show you when your stocks are about to run out, so that you can identify more clearly when you need to order more products.

By means of a good purchasing program, you can also be informed about past purchasing processes, which would help you prevent engaging with wrong suppliers. Thus, you can reach the products you actually need a lot more quicker and easier.

When you are working with a good management program for your purchasing processes, you automatically have control over who can enter order instructions which in return prevents purchases without your consent.

It is also of high importance to have the knowledge of shipping details of the purchased product. In order to provide the best service for your customers, you must have the shipping information of the products you ordered for them. Therefore, a good purchasing management program should be able to generate comprehensive purchasing orders, including information such as the estimated delivery date and the tracking numbers for shipments.

Why choose CPM for Purchasing Management?

The CRM ERP program, with its years of experience and unique hardware, allows you to manage the entire purchasing processes from one end to another all the way from the bid procedures up to delivery of the product. With CRM Purchasing program:

  • You can closely monitor all operations from the time you bid to the purchase.
  • You can meet your company’s needs just in time.
  • You can determine your critical stock levels in advance and place orders instantly when necessary.
  • You can minimize the risks of your purchasing operations.
  • You can make your profit-loss analysis in the most efficient way by saving from your stock-keeping costs.
  • You can create approval mechanisms according to the way your company works and ensure the control of purchasing processes.
  • You can protect your company information with the security steps you specify.
  • When you enter price, discount/promotion templates and purchase contracts into the system, you can get the necessary information transferred to the order, dispatch and invoice stages automatically.
  • You can reduce the margin of error in purchasing processes to zero.
  • You can allocate and track a product for a customer by using reservation modules.
  • After the delivery note and invoice, you can perform embezzlement tracking by arranging the embezzlement documents for the person to whom the product will be delivered.
  • You can output the product received with the consumable documents for the products that are not classified as embezzlement or that are directly consumed, and you can calculate the online cost by the time it is consumed.
  • You can design separate delivery processes for internal or partial internal transfers, warehouse deliveries, or administrative material or IT warehouses.
  • You can track the products for the transtions of affiliated companies or locations with the “delivery note” and “warehouse” features. (En route warehouse feature ensures that the products are not visible in both warehouses thus makes it easier to track the shipment)

The basic principle of CPM Purchasing Management Module is to ensure that the request number is taken as a “master” number and transferred to all documents, so that all processes of a request can be reported. You can manage the purchasing process of multiple companies from a single company by opening this structure in a separate database called “Purchasing”. The biggest contribution of this structure is that you can compare all expenditure items in terms of all companies in a consolidated way and determine the direction of weight in cost decisions in management decisions.

CPM Purchasing Management Modules

  • Demand
  • Offer
  • Order
  • Approved Order
  • Order Booking
  • Dispatch
  • Invoices
  • Return Delivery Note
  • Price Difference Batch Invoice from Purchase
  • Price Difference Invoice from Purchase
  • Purchase Prices Template
  • Purchase Discount Templates
  • Purchase Promotion Template

Other CPM Modules

Supplier Module: It is the system in which all the stages of purchasing and logistics operations are carried out all the way from request to invoice payment.

Requirement Detection-Proposal Creation Module: It is the system that allows you to check your stock status/orders and automatically calculate the amount of stock you will need. It allows you to prepare offers for the suppliers you want to buy.

Offer-Booking Module: It is the system that allows you to prepare proposals and track the bids processes in detail.

You can view information such as vendors, seller’s risk information, offer dates, offer payment plans, offer approval status, products and quantities, prices, discounts, campaign values.

  • You can include individual files in Word, Excel and PDF formats to any offer.
  • You can send a quote by e-mail.
  • You can create an automatic purchase order from the offers.

And without passing to another module:

  • You can monitor the status of offers.
  • You can track the debt and credit status of sellers.
  • You can find reports about the seller.
  • You can track your stock status by warehouses, lots or series.
  • You can reach any report about the products at any time.

Tender Management Module: It is the module that allows the approval of the offers received in different numbers and the rejection of other offers on the basis of the items entered on the system. With this module:

  • You can create an archive from existing bids.
  • You can make a budget plan by analyzing the market situation for future purchases.
  • You can perform the whole process over the internet.

Order Confirmation-Booking Module: Order confirmation step is the most important step after the offer stage. The error you will make in this step will also be reflected om the invoices, so you need to reach all the analysis and stock conditions you need immediately. With this module:

  • You can follow instant risk status at the time of the order.
  • You can print or use the barcode labels during the entry or delivery phase.
  • You can accept or reject any order according to the risk status and the number of days delayed.
  • Access the vendor information using their codes or names.
  • You can get orders for multiple warehouses.
  • You can track the stock status in all the warehouses you have in the order entry stage on a lot and series basis.
  • You can specify the due date, automatic price or discount template according to the payment method and form.
  • You can see and transfer all purchase prices.
  • You can view the order history of the ordered item.
  • You can include files to order items in Word, Excel etc. format.
  • You can write as many comments/descriptions as you like.
  • You can specify information such as the type of Transportation Company, type of purchase or exchange rate.
  • By transferring this system to the internet, you can have the management team access to the system from anywhere with their mobile phones or tablets.

What Can I Do with CPM Purchasing Program for outputs?

  • You can create an output template according to your preference.
  • You can get printouts up to 5 printers at the same time.
  • You can save your files in any format.
  • You can send your reports by e-mail.
  • You can print from dot matrix printers.
  • You can print labels, barcode labels, pictures, product photos and catalogs.