Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the general definition of the programs created and availed which help to store information and analyze them in order to comprehend and satisfy the expectations of customers to the best.

The significance of customer relationship management gradually ascends with the increasing number of customers in developing economies and competitive conditions. The companies that are able to control all business processes electronically and from a single center as soon as required by any relevant department are most likely to serve to customers best and to boost customer loyalty.

While creating a CRM program, enterprises should take action in a way to afford the basic needs of their institution, to easily follow operational processes, and to satisfy analytic expectations. Setting out with a flexible and solution-oriented software company which determines needs correctly and which provides installation and post-installation service with experienced and specialist consultants renders it possible to create quicker solutions.

By means of flexible and requirement-driven solutions, CPM CRM solutions provide to you pre-sales and post-sales extensive business applications for all processes for you to establish the most effective interaction with your customers. Besides its experience of a quarter century, CPM Yazilim was found to analyze all the processes of enterprises, help them obtain fast and reliable results, support creating customer loyalty and provide productivity, profitability and high performance.

As Customer Relations Department, we maintain all the processes of our customers on CPM CRM program and aim to create fast solutions with each new and continuing practice. Having started with offering phase, customer relations processes proceed with all the stages following program installation for our customers. Furthermore, our CPM Customer Relations Department closely follows the agenda and legal regulations, and periodically informs customers. Hereby, we alleviate loss of time and work load, and help them be ready for these transition processes in advance. We get to know and understand each other better with our customers thanks to the personal visits and phone calls which we conduct periodically. Thus, we solve all the requests of our customers both quickly and professionally.