What is CPM Human Resources Management Software?

In the human resources departments, there are daily and easy to do tasks as well as those can cause the company to face administrative penalties when complications ocur and errors made.

This is where Human Resources Management Software comes into play and helps to complete human resources operations in a shorter period of time compared to manual work. It also ensures that human resources processes are monitored on a single platform.

CPM Human Resources Management Software is not a by-product of ERP, instead, it is a completely different system that integrates with ERP. CPM offers companies a special software that consists of hundreds of modules where they can reach everything they need, regardless of the company’s accounting or ERP system.

The strong infrastructure of CPM Human Resources Management Software can be applied to all industries in a very short time. This infrastructure, especially in the construction, education and security industries, which has more than one business places and where staff work in different locations:

• Provides  tracking of the personal information and legal obligations of company’s personnel on a single registration card.

• It allows all payrolls to be prepared with a single button.

Companies can choose a simple human resources management module according to their needs, or they can choose HR management modules that provide solutions to business lines such as recruitment, performance management and training if they have more strategic requirements.

Benefits of CPM Human Resources Management Software

A good HR management software ensures that repetitive and time-consuming human resources operations are carried out in a shorter period of time and in a more effective manner. Briefly, human resources management software automates HR processes.

By opting for a Human Resources Management Solution for your company:

  • You can minimize manual paperwork load.
  • You can reduce stress due to workload for employees.
  • You can reduce your operational costs.
  • You can strengthen your internal communication.
  • You can eliminate the possibility of postponement or prolongation of jobs.
  • You can eliminate dependence on Electronic Spreadsheet programs.
  • You can perform your employees’ annual leave, salary, payroll and advance payments operations more effectively.
  • You can follow your legal responsibilities in the field of human resources more closely and avoid administrative penalties.
  • You can follow which laws are applicable for your employees who are within the scope of incentive.
  • You can monitor the usage periods of the security module with the fixtures and valuable documents entrusted to the employees in the scope of work safety.

What makes CPM Human Resources Management Software different from others?

CPM Human Resources Management Software attracts attention with its exclusive features. These features include:

  • Staff budget
  • Daily PKDS
  • Actuarial Severance Allowancemodule
  • Difference borderau module
  • R & D Management
  • Estimated labor costs calculation
  • Occupational Accident – Occupational Disease – Sgk recruitment statement – Sgk declaration of departure.

Personnel Transactions with CPM HR Management Software

When you choose CPM for your personnel transactions:

  • You can define an unlimited number of companies, employees or departments.
  • You can enter and monitor your staff’s salary, additional payments, advance payments and deductions.
  • You can upload all documents related to your personnel (CV, letter of intent, criminal record, photo) in Word, PDF and Excel formats.
  • You can make and record calculations related to private health insurance and BES transactions in accordance with the legislation.
    • You can calculate the execution and syndicate fees.
    • You can apply tax exemptions and sgk exceptions in family allowance, child allowance and food aid.
  • You can define a discrete bonus template for each staff.
  • You can track your staff’s training, penalty or health information.
  • You can easily create e-declaration.
  • In the permission module, you can follow all reports and permissions and make annual leave plans.
  • You can track the hourly permits given to employees on the system.
  • In the Organizational Chart module, you can visually manage your company’s hierarchical structure and the number of staff needed in departments.
  • In the training modules, you can follow your company’s training plans and trainings taken by your staff.
  • With the Estimated Labor Cost module, you can calculate the annual employer’s share of the staff and instantly measure the staff expenditure.
  • Personnel Budget allows you to foresee your employer’s expenditure in advance and reflect it to the cash flow and the return statement.
  • With Bank Integration module, you can create salary payment instructions to be delivered to banks within seconds.

Scoring and Payroll Operations with CPM HR Management Software

When you move your scoring and payroll transactions to digital platform:

  • You can perform the daily payroll tracking of your staff instantly in the PDKS integration module.
  • You can perform your payroll entries quickly with all the details in the payroll table.
  • You can track monthly payrolls collectively, see staff details and make necessary changes.
  • With the Payment Analysis module, you can simplify your payroll processes by entering regular social assistance and deductions of your staff.
  • You can perform payrolling of your employees and view payroll details on staff basis.
  • By using your staff’s monthly payroll information:
    • Bare payments for actual normal working without considering the number of work places and personnel,
    • Other working payments,
    • Cash in and in-kind benefits made without working labour,
    • Deductions and exceptions for domestic and foreign expenditures,
    • Forced subsistence reduction for staff under 45 years, as well as minimum subsistence reduction
    • You can ensure that the allowances and compensations of educational institutions are deducted from the salary based on the highest civil servant pension.
  • You can create a difference button with a single key.
  • You can create the payroll design you like.
  • With the SGK module, you can create all electronic statements and Excel files with a single click.
  • You can share your reports and documents by e-mail.
  • With the security module, you can give users access to the extent you want.
  • With Severance and Notice Compensation module, you can collect the severance payments for all the personnel or the compensations of your employees.
  • With the Actuarial Method, you can allocate the severance pay requirement for TFRS and IFRS with a single button in your accounting.

Moreover, you can do all these in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Thus, you become stress free both from workload and administrative penalties.

Keep in mind! The more easily you manage the needs of your employees which are the most important capital sources of your company, the more time you get to spend on your other HR operations.