Great opportunity for companies with R&Ds and Design Centers

The hours-long calculation is now done instantly with the CPM R&D Module.

For more effective competition in the world, many institutions of the state give various supports. Companies receive these incentives and supports by obtaining R&D Center or Design Center authorization certificate. Companies with R & D Authorization Certificate have duties and calculations to be fulfilled in accordance with the legislation. Serving thousands of users with 30 years of experience and a professional team to ease this workload, CPM Software introduced the R & D module integrated with the ERP system. With the CPM R & D Module, which takes hours of workload to seconds, companies save a great deal of time and costs.

We deal with the problems of our companies by treating them as our own problems and solving their problems together. With the R&D module, accurate and complete calculations, which are very important for the continuation of the duties and the incentives of our companies with the R & D Center or Design Center Authorization Certificate, can be performed instantly. CPM R & D Module provides great convenience by integrating with ERP system. Thus, we achieve great amount of savings in research and development expenses of our companies which thrive to help Turkey’s goal of becoming a world leader.


What Does CPM R&D MODULE Do?

  • Follow-up of employees in R&D projects
  • Project-based monitoring of employees’ internal / external work
  • Detailed reporting of details such as analysis, qualification, task, permission,
  • Calculation of R&D SSI Incentive and Revenue Incentive Day for Full-Time, Part-Time and Support Personnel by working in integration with PDKS System,
  • To be able to calculate E-Declaration with the second law parameter by calculating R & D SSI Basis and SSI Basis within 5510 Scope separately,
  • Providing the distribution of the personnel according to the determined effort ratios in the project, transferring the Labor Costs (Earnings + Additional Earnings + SSI Premium etc. expenses) to 750 Research and Development accounts on a project basis,
  • Ensuring that the Common Costs, which should be shared in R & D expenses, are transferred to the Related Project Costs through the Distribution Key
  • Ensuring that all Common R & D Expenditures accumulated in the Pool are transferred to the related Project Costs again through the Distribution Key,
  • Calculation of Corporate Tax R & D Discount based on the distributed Project Costs,
  • Making e-Concise notification about R & D,
  • Ability to analyze project-based costs in detail,
  • Easy monitoring of the hours spent and the budget and actual costs determined in the project


R&D and Design Centers invest in the future of Turkey

Producing technological knowledge, making innovation in product and production processes, increasing product quality and standard in order to bring the national economy into a competitive structure through R & D and innovation, R & D and Design Center Certificates in private sector under the control of Ministry of Industry and Technology, increasing productivity, reducing production costs, commercializing technological knowledge, developing pre-competitive collaborations, accelerating the entry of technology-intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these fields and direct foreign capital investments towards R & D and innovation, R&D personnel and qualified labor force to support and encourage the increase of employment.