CPM Service Management enables you to monitor your customers via reliable and special service post-sales by providing your company with competitive edge.

Both you and your customers will reach the solution via CPM Master Service Management.

  • You can monitor the status of all resources (employee, vehicle, service bag, computer, etc.) at your technical service.
  • Once emergency service request is received from customer, you can reach and direct the closest resource. Hence you can both provide customer satisfaction and use the resources as efficiently as possible.
  • You can identify all the problems of your customer via service forms, you can identify recurrent problems and create solution for them.
  • You can manage, build and organize any work flow via Technical Service Reports.
  • You can see the existing state of your resources by calculating the service costs from service cards.

Documents within the Service Management Module

  • Service Product Card
  • Service Work Order
  • Service Card Transactions
  • Current Card
  • Stock Card

Service Work Configuration

  • Resource Card
  • Shift Card
  • Zone Card
  • Team Card
  • Team Creation
  • Team Working Zones
  • Tea Shift Assignment
  • Service Warranty Template
  • Service Transaction Parameters
  • Standard Service Durations
  • Standard Solution Recommendations
  • Pre-Service Mandatory Question Definitions

Service Reports

  • Service Work Order Reports
  • Service Resource Work Assignment Reports
  • Service Transactions Reports