ANSWERED BY: Recep Palamut

– What kind of advantages do your ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solutions offer to the companies? How does it increase their productivity?

Developed with 30 years of experience and knowledge gained from different sectors, CPM ERP provides fast and flexible solutions to enterprises by eliminating the shortcomings caused by the package software.

CPM ERP Solutions in general; provides standardization, efficiency and performance in business and information processes, creates a common business culture and language among employees, provides effective and fast business results at every point of the business with the help of an integrated system, provides preventive control systems with the ability to reduce and prevent errors and it provides proactive management opportunity with the traceability of the processes and products and enables radical management in the decision making procesess of company management. A program that is compatible with company culture and the way of doing business, as well as capable of performing processes in the finance-accounting areas is a feature that will alleviate the company and in some cases prevent loss. If these issues are considered beforehand, it will be possible to benefit from the profitability of ERP immediately since there will not be any extra consultancy fees and unnecessary time loss during the process.

– In what areas do you offer ERP solutions to companies?

We offer a range of products that will provide all the information flow that a company needs, including reports and company specific requests, in a fast and accurate way. CPM ERP is a set of integrated systems where many systems work together from stock tracking to material requirement planning, from risk management to loans, from legal books to international reporting, from document management to corporate purchasing and expense management, from pre-sales CRM to after-sales services, from quality management to total efficiency management. As an application with layered architecture, all kinds of extra needs are met quickly on the system. As well as being user and technology-friendly, CPM ERP software also manages to be manager-friendly. It has pioneered innovative solutions in many different industries such as chemical, automotive, paint, engineering, medical and assembly.

– Why should companies choose you for their ERP solutions? What makes your solutions different from the others?

We can group our fundamental differences in several groups.;

Our biggest advantage is our ability to develop our program quickly to meet the demands of the competitive environment.,

All codes developed specifically for your company are stored in your database and after the program gets updated, the codes continue to run smoothly. Our experience in many different sectors also enables us to find flexible solutions for the needs of our valued customers.

The diverse solutions we have developed regarding reporting make managers who use the program very effective. Other important features are the ease of design, even by the user, our highly developed log structure and ease of integration with vertical products.

It also allows real-time profit, loss and cost analyzes to be carried out by stimulating possible outcomes by creating sample scenarios.

– Do you have flexible ERP solutions for companies and custom needs?

We prepare the software in the required model like a tailor. If we need to give an example; information is transferred to the system from the machine in production, the personnel working in the warehouse, the sales team and all of these are collected in a database and a report is created. Inventory and production processes are monitored through this report. Inventory and production processes are monitored through this report. It is not necessary to limit the system to warehouse management alone; it is possible to enter data through many different units from human resources to purchasing unit and finance unit. Thus, it is possible to manage processes in different units through a single system. It would not be right to limit our software or focus on a single subject. If we compare the software to a fabric we have, we sew it in the required dimensions like a tailor. The biggest difference of CPM lies here. Think of CPM ERP as Lego.  CPM ERP is designed by software engineers with this flexibility as of Lego pieces. You can give it a shape the way you desire. The best part is that you can do it without our help or we can develop the program on your behalf. The companies in Turkey have more potential than meets the eye. We increase profit by minimizing time losses with CPM ERP. In short, we pave the way for our customers to realize their real potential. We ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors…

– What is the satisfaction rate of the companies you have provided ERP solutions so far? What kind of work do you do to increase satisfaction?

We conduct our communications with our customers with our experienced sales and marketing team. We visit them as much as possible and get their opinions on our software. For us, completion of a sale does not mean the end, we provide aftersales service so that the customer can use the software more effectively and get the most out of the system as efficiently as possible. We make our customers comfortable with our tailor-made solutions while they are re-planning, growing and developing themselves.

Thank you…