With CPM Master Tender Management;

You can track,

  • unit price offer schedules for the file,
  • competitor comparisons,
  • tender status,
  • stock entry / exit documents,
  • collateral / expense documents,
  • inventory management with alternative product tracking
  • With serial terminals, you can monitor serial, barcode tracking from a single screen.

Time and document management is no longer a big problem!

Time and document management is a big problem for the tendering department, as there are too many documents and transactions in manual file tracking. However, with CPM Master Tender Management; you can associate the costs incurred on the basis of tenders and compare the profitability ratio between the other sales operations and the tender sales by following the prepared reports with profit and cost on the basis of tenders. In addition, you can track the competitor products and prices on the basis of tenders as statistical data and direct the sales-marketing policies of the company through reports.