You are a major brand with 4 companies and 500 employees. What are the fields you are active at? We would like to learn more about you and your company.

We operate in construction, chemistry, park, garden, service sectors. These are all separated within themselves. We import and manufacture the products in pesticide group of chemicals, those used by municipalities for the protection of public health. Apart from that, we produce the products used for the protection of fruits, vegetables from any harmful substances. We are new in this sector. We also produce the products used for pesticide control in houses. Yıldıztekin Construction and Railway, a group company, operates in the field of construction. In terms of services, Entopest conducts pesticide control studies of municipal private institutions. Entovest, on the other hand, produces. We call the products used in agricultural and public health as pesticides, and we are producing pesticides here. We are located in Tuzla Chemical Industries Organized Industry Zone.  

What can you say about the progress of the sector both in our country and abroad?

Pesticides are used as a tool of inspection for agriculture and insects. I want to explain it more in terms of a less complicated terminology. Many products in the recent period are considered harmful in the European Union. So, you already were facing these harmful items while you were walking down the street. It is the same in agricultural field. Each year, some molecules are prohibited all around the world. We do not know what kind of damages these molecules had caused before, what will happen next or which problems will be attributed to which molecules.  This means that there are unknown things about human health. Concerns about this and the search for safer products bring together unknown things and damages on human health and agricultural products. This is a solution to a very challenging equation. Since all of the damages have not been discovered yet, we cannot conduct any harm-benefit analysis at this point. The analyzes that are conducted now are made with unknowns. We are experiencing this anxiety. Domestic companies do not have much production in this regard. For this reason, raw material purchases were mostly made from China. Due to environmental problems in China, there is also a restriction in production there. 30 % of the plants are closed and there is a price increase between 40 % to 50 % on the raw materials. This will reflect on consumers, farmers, municipalities and public. The market is growing, but this growth brings many problems together. 

Your journey started as a family business. We would like to hear it from you.

I come from Erzurum. Although it has changed a bit, it is a company that adds familial emotions to professional life in business life. When we went to a little past, we were founded in 1995 with the young unemployment credit given to young people. Back then, all the members of the family were unemployed. Normally one person was looking for job, now 500-1000 people are working here. We have made severe sacrifices to achieve this. We are still in the beginning of commercial evolution. We learn a lot of facts after making mistakes and after suffering the harm. Then, we try to do the right thing again. This also prevents our growth, slows us down and distracts our comfort. I assume that this is only a beginning. Now we have learned our lesson. 25 years have passed. I think that we will be much better now. 

You have most probably faced with many challenges during the growth process. How did you decide to work with CPM in this process?

I am an Agricultural Engineer (M.Sc.). My real job is to answer how pesticide control is conducted.  You do not anticipate that your company will encounter many problems in the field of accounting, finance, human resources.You mostly work hard to generate invoices. Our company has experienced problems in terms of cash flow in 2015. Before that, I thought that we did not follow solid steps in reporting, and I did not believe in the accuracy of our data. Because I thought that we did not use a sufficiently efficient method. At that point, we had to select ERP. We were introduced to CPM ERP with the guidance of our finance manager. Now, many things are tangible within our company. The daily work of accounting and finance departments can be conducted in 5-10 minutes. They enjoy this. I assume we will move to a better position. 

What are your future plans for your company? 

I have a dream of 100 years. I would like Entosav to be a global company that emerges from these territories and is a leader in its field. In certain fields within Turkey we are already the leader with a market share of up to 65 %. We have been making investments in agriculture for the last 5 years. We have well known products in terms of agriculture. We establish our system. As I have mentioned before, we are in the process of solving the cash flow problem we have faced at the end of 2015. After overcoming a few final problems, we will be in a very good position for agriculture. And our goal is to become the leading company of agriculture in Turkey by 2023. This is very assertive and I think that half of it has been realized. 

I do not aim to leave this place to my child. This business will be left to professionals. If our children and next generation are better candidates than the professionals, then they will come here. We need to contribute to this country. Because this country needs it. Everyone will do his/her duty at best, as Atatürk said. Our goal is to represent Turkey in the world in best way possible. 

Can you spend time for yourself in this pace? What do you like to do? 

I have two sons, aged 20 and 6 months. So there are two different age groups, and I have to spend time with both of them. I cannot say that I spend enough time. I am a bit of workaholic. I work a lot. I do not work very intense, but I think. I feel like I have the space when people are asleep. Because there is nothing that can distract me. I like to make analyzes about my business and find solutions at night. I dream. But I never set my dreams as goals. I try to spend time with my family during the weekend. We try to have 5-10 days of vacation each year. Another therapy for me is Turkish Classical Music and Turkish Folk Music. I sing and I also listen. I can warm up just like 20 year old youth, thanks to music.