The domestic and global competitions within the flour markets increases the costs while decreasing the manufacturers and their profits. To overcome this, it is crucial for companies to strategically organize and to care for technological innovations in order to perform their work processes with the least cost. ERP Softwares’ importance comes up in this exact point. Ones who make their decision according to the innovations, gain theirselves a flawlessly operating structure.

The national and global competition in the grain industry reduces the producer number as well as the profit margins while pushing up the costs. One of the oldest IT companies in Turkey with over 30 years of experience and high quality human resources and customers, CPM Software provides a technologically innovative solution with Grain Solution to companies that want to conduct their business with the lowest costs possible.  

It is inevitable for factories in the grain industry to organize efficiently and take note of technologic innovation in order to conduct their business processes with the lowest costs possible. So, the factories taking their choices on innovation via ERP Software types can conduct all of their business operations from the first step until accounting by using the CPM Grain Factories Solution to take all the outputs and reports they need. Conducting all processes and operations from a single application provides a great benefit for the administration. This way, factories can carry out controls and audits more efficiently and they can issue all the reports they need with the data they need during decision making processes from CPM. 

Grain Solution Steps

Purchase Operations: All steps of wheat purchase processes from incoming trucks to lab operations, weighbridge operations, delivery notes or producer receipts can be conducted directly on CPM. All control and reporting activities are done through Grain Factories Solution. 

Sales Operations: Sales orders are created in the software and if there is an overdue balance of the customer, the concerned authorities are informed with an automatic e-mail. Created sales orders are directed to the weighbridge and once the weighing operations are completed, weighing details are automatically written on the sales order. This ensures that some controls are carried out while all the reports and analysis are conducted simultaneously. 

Mobile Application: The mobile application was developed for the sales department. Sales team can see all the details of the customer they will visit from this application. Customer’s balance, balance details, overdue balance, sales report on product basis, sales report on yearly and monthly basis, unpaid checks and bills details can be seen from the application and any sales orders can be placed directly from the application. 

Financing Management: All safe, bank, checks and bills operations are managed through CPM.

Employee Management: All legal operations on an employee are carried out through CPM Employee Application. Created payrolls are automatically directed to the accounting. 

Fixed Assets Management: All Fixed Assets / “Fixtures” operations can be managed through CPM Fixed Assets Management. All depreciation accountings of fixed assets are directed to accounting. 

Integrated Structure of the Grain Solution

The Grain Solution organizes all general accounting operations including financial operations, bank operations, safe operations, check-bill management as well as sales orders, sales invoices, purchase return invoices, purchase invoices, producer receipts, sales return invoices, expense invoices, etc. in an integrated way with employee management, fixed assets management and insurance operations.