Furniture production is more complex than before with the use of different technical equipment and a wide range of materials. There are not one but many stages of furniture business. Companies that can make large amounts of production at one time need to create fast, error-free and traceable business processes. CPM ERP is enough for all this!

To be able to follow all project related in an integrated structure is often decisive for the success and profitability of the projects. It is extremely important to plan and follow up the procurement processes according to survey lists and the stages of the project, as well as comparing the budgets and actual values instantly and getting all the required reports about the project at any time and analysing the profit / loss status of the project.

CPM ERP has been created by considering all processes and operations related to project follow-up. It adds value to the corporate integrity of your business with its integrated structure. Businesses that has been switched to CPM ERP, experience the ease, security and convenience of running all their workflows and operations from a single structure.

Furniture Production Management System Product Details