Its a fact that the world is experiencing economic constraints nowadays and it is critical to manage human resources correctly while input costs are almost the same. Turkey’s leading specialist ERP Human Resource Module developed by CPM software allows its users to get one step ahead of its competitors.

Human Resources is one of the most important modules of the CPM ERP solutions that perform specific solutions to the needs of Turkey with the advantage of being a domestic software. It allows you to perform all tasks without leaving ypur seat.  By creating a corporate memory which is one of Turkey’s most important problems, possible leakages are set to be prevented.

Central solutions for multiple locations

The CPM Human Resources Module, which facilitates staff follow-up with its powerful personal management process, collects all human resources processes of the headquarters and branches in a single center. Organizational chart is formed with comprehensive card structure and easy manageability is provided.

BES Compatible Structure

With its flexible and reliable infrastructure, CPM ERP Human Resources Module, which enables all transactions to be carried out from a single point, can be transferred to the bank by calculating compulsory BES cuts for employees under the age of 45, as well as all payroll operations involving thousands of formulas.

Perform your transactions without going to SGK

By means of its adaptability to e-government solutions that reduce bureaucracy in Turkey, with CPM ERP Human Resources Module, all processes can be carried within the program.  It  provides the ability to perform their transactions in accordance with SGK in minutes especially  for multi-pointed, multi-personelled companies. Unlike its similars, occupational disease entries (Occupational accidents, occupational diseases, temporary incapacity and failure notification) can also be made through the module. Thus, by reducing bureaucracy, it eliminates the extra workload.

Future planning with staff budget

By calculating the estimated labor cost thanks to its strong integration, the CPM ERP Human Resources Module, in which the cost of staff can be measured by calculating the annual employer’s share of the personnel, ensures that the personnel budget and employer costs are projected to reflect the cash flow and concise statement.

Palamut: “Make profit with the power of domestic software”

CPM Software President Recep Palamut said that human resources efficiency increased by 25% thanks to the strength and integration capabilities of domestic software and added “We offer a unique infrastructure with our Human Resources Module. In the PDKS, daily payroll, staff budget, actuarial compensation, severance pay, labor turnover rate, union payroll, additional personnel, partial employment, very detailed incentive discounts are differentiated, so that risks can be managed and minimized. By following the right investments at the right time, it provides both labor and financial efficiency in companies. It saves time by sharing the prepared data with institutions such as SGK and banks.”