Corporate Procurement

One of the most important problems of the healthcare industry is the management of procurement processes in order to carry out internal processes. In fact, it is a general problem of almost all companies. Because, companies primarily want to manage the procurement process of the products that they will earn money, that is, they will sell. However, it is often missed out or ignored that money is earned not only by selling but also by planning and controlling expenses.

Within this scope, we started to manage all in-house procurement activities of Meda Pharma pharmaceutical company under the module called Corporate Procurement.

All in-house procurement processes (congresses, organizations, periodic and end-of-period meetings, promotional materials, fixtures, car rental, and contractual purchases) are managed through this module.

In this context, tender and bid management, budget management, promotion stock management and Approval flow mechanisms work in an integrated manner.

This module, which allows receiving expense reports on the basis of department, personnel, brand, main expense-subexpense group, will also ensure your expenses to be kept under control.

Expense Management

This module is used to manage the daily expenses made by Field and head office employees. As with corporate procurement, all approval mechanisms and budget controls are performed at every stage. The field team easily enters (no accounting knowledge required) the expenses they have made (corporate hospitality, car wash, parking, stationery, etc.) through the expense input screen, and the relevant regional manager, product manager and sales-marketing manager perform the approval process. Approved expenses are accounted by the accounting department in a single step.

This module, which allows receiving expense reports on the basis of department, personnel, brand, main expense-subexpense group, will also ensure that your expenses are under control.

Budget Management

A budget is a financial plan of estimated income and expenses for a defined period in future. It shows the estimated expenses to be made and the revenues to be generated for a set period. The budget is a financial plan showing the estimated figures that have not yet been realized.

CPM ERP budget management module allows you to make budget according to all fields defined on current card, inventory card or document.. For example, targets can be determined and comparative analyzes can be reported by making budget according to product, product group, customer, customer group, brand, department.

  • You can define your budget targets as quantity-price-amount-discount. When you enter your quantity and price targets, the system automatically generates an amount budget.
  • Revised budgets can be created from the main budget..
  • Different budgets can be transformed into a single budget by combining revised budgets.
  • Revised budget comparison reports can be generated.
  • You can make budget-actual comparisons.

With CPM ERP, you can make Sales Budget, Production Budget, Procurement Budget, Expense Budget and Cash Flow Budget, and in this way, you can evaluate your estimated income and expenses in the future periods.

Sales Management

As a requirement of the sector, the prices and discounts determined by the government will automatically appear in each order and invoice, and cannot be changed unless user takes initiative.

Stock control based on batch number and tracking of expiry date of products. Campaign definitions such as turnover premiums made during certain periods. Credit limit control at every stage of sales to pharmacies and pharmacies.

Import Management

Import Management, tracking the import processes, calculating the actual costs of the imported products and accounting processes are realized simultaneously with “CPM ERP”. Stock status while import process is in progress. (In-transit, customs, warehouse). Tracking the business processes in imports. Tracking the entire document flow starting from the proposal and tracking all costs incurred until and after the goods arrive at customs. (Trade File, Quotation, Order, Proforma Invoice, Customs entry, Invoice, Actual import). Variables tracking such as batch, lot, serial, barcode for imported goods. Distribution of each cost item (quantity, amount, volume, weight, common unit, etc.) by options.

Batch Payment System

There are many problems and uncertainties about the relationship between banks and companies. We have a solution for factors that will adversely affect your company’s future in the long run, such as return of payments, problems encountered, and time spent by staff for these problems.

Bank Batch Payment system; is a system that allows you to make all your payments (payment of due salaries, invoices) on the payment date through the relevant bank in a very short time. You can create your payment lists with a single click and minimize the risk of errors with Automatic Payment Instruction and have the relevant finance-accounting managers approve.

The payment list created on the CPM ERP program is uploaded to the bank’s system with the user name and password provided by the bank.

The list uploaded to the system is approved by the relevant financial manager. (The financial manager is notified by e-mail and a message to his mobile.) The relevant financial manager electronically signs it. The signed payment list is paid by the bank at the date and time of payment. During this entire chain of operations, CPM Master Security procedures are in operation and the transactions do not pose the slightest risk.

Not only in Turkey Economy Bank, is a solution that has the flexibility to prepare an appropriate template to all banking institutions that will also provide benefits.

It is also advantageous for you that it has the flexibility to create suitable templates not only for Turkish Economy Bank but for all the banks you work with.