HKTM (MOVEMENT CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES CENTER) Tunç ATIL: “Now, the period of robots that do work with people, that don’t harm the human and that work by learning is coming.”



Can we get to know you briefly?

I was born in 1959. In 1982, I graduated from Bogazici University Department of Mechanical Engineering. I started my business life in Hidropar A.S. In 1998, we started to operate as the main dealer of Bosch Rexroth as to cover East Marmara and West Black Sea areas as well as Gebze area, and it is still continuing.

Can you provide us information regarding your company?

We were 3 individuals when we had established the company in 1998. And its capital was the products provided by Bosch Rexroth in credit basis. Now, we have a team of 52 individuals, and a factory investment in which we had just settled.

What are your basic activity branches?

We can summarize our general service, system and product extent as movement and control technologies.  If we categorize, we have 3 main service branches. 1- Hydraulic Project and Sales 2- Electromechanics and Robotic 3- Mechanics, Automation and Sales, Hydraulic is our most dominant subject. Within the scope of manufacture, hydraulic power units, valve control blocks, valve stands, test systems, filtration and circulation groups, accumulator – nitrogen tube stands, and special hydraulic cylinders of ISO standards and tailored to the demands of customer are taking part.

And our Electromechanics and Robotic department is providing turn-key solutions peculiar to our industrialists’ requirements –as including part processing / cutting, feeding, unloading, transportation, packaging / boxing, palletizing and special solutions- through our specialized engineering team.  By our Mechanics and Automation Sales department, we are able to provide from a single source the basic mechanic and automation products of all systems -that you may wish to establish in the field of movement and control technologies- both on the basis components and in a manner as set up and as to be engaged.

Can we get information regarding your prudential investments?

We consider to improve the hydraulic cylinder production –that we have recently started- as our prudential plan.  The basic machines relevant to it are procured previously. The increase of those machines as per capacity is planned. And they will be completed within an investment of about 1.5 billion within 1.5 years.

How do you consider the course of your industry? What is the domestic scheme telling you?

As we are involved in nearly all the industries, we are able to take a flexible position as to serve to other industries while difficult days are being experienced in industries going into crisis.  This is our most significant strength. Moreover, the raw material consisting our products and projects to be sold being the same is an advantage for us. You are one of the mighty brands of the industry using ERP software.

How did you make the decision of using ERP?

Frankly, we held back in the beginning.  Because it was a significant investment and decision. But we had to do it. Because you are able to reach to a specific point by the old conventional programs and by the excel tables generated by them.  The tiring and time consuming structure and integration and follow-up problems of them were making the works inextricable. In a short while we will complete 90% of this transition period, and we will attain a significant comfort.

What kinds of returns did the investments in ERP provided to you? Are you content with this decision?

Today, it is not possible without ERP. There is no other option. We deem it as a mandatory investment. By this way, we have focused on the increase of our business productivity. And ERP is a very important part of it. Thus, ERP is providing a beautiful infrastructure, and actually it is refunding itself.

Can you provide information regarding the solution partnership that you carry out with CPM on the subject of ERP?

We started to work with CPM center while working through dealer previously,  At points where the system blocked, the center significantly had helped us, and it is still helping us. For this reason, we are more comfortable wit the future. Besides the period in which we started to work with CPM has started with our pursuit of gaining a corporate structure. It was unfortunately being an unfruitful operation when the workshop, finance and warehouse were at different locations. CPM ERP simply put us together.

Do you have hobbies besides work? Can you tell us about them?

Along with being workaholic, travelling the world with my high school and university friend group, reading and swimming are fields that I like. And I got amateur pilot training at a level as to approach the certificate phase. I like adrenalin. I’m playing tennis. I started to follow-up theatre more due to my son having education in the field.

Are characteristics and habits of your that you consider to contribute to your success in business life? If exist, can your share them with us?

I think being pursuer and working methodically significantly contributes to success.  As you know, significant leaps occurred in industry and technology in this century. While experiencing transition to robot technologies from classical machines, now industry 4.0 emphasizing smart machines and systems –that interact over internet- is being discussed.

How do you assess these technological transformations?

In the simplest sense, Industry 4.0 is based on more extensive use of improved systems at the factories, ability of the systems to communicate with each other and ability of them to be able to be managed over internet, and thus being able to solve the daily problems of enterprises as much more easier and practically.  I consider that the subject is important, and ı believe that we have to raise the qualified human resources as ready for it.

Generally speaking, how much ready are the industrial institutions in Turkey for transformations that will be provided by Industry 4.0? What should be our priorities and the route to be followed?

As well as having ones being partially ready and being at very good levels, there are companies and industries remaining slow on this subject. There is a very fast progress pursuant to necessity in factory automation.  Heavy industry is advancing a bit slower on this subject. Because, there, we are speaking of much larger forces and loads. Raising awareness is very important.

What are your opinions regarding our quality of education in the fields of informatics and technology, and what should be done?

I am the chairman of Chamber of Industry of Kocaeli, and also the chairman of profession committee of General Purpose Machine Manufacturing Industry. There, very intense studies on these subjects are being performed. And positive developments are also occurring. First of all, the government is now trying to direct the academicians to this channel through regulations.  Secondly, the industrialist is starting to have the consciousness of shouldn’t I benefit from the university at point he is blocked.

Can you tell us about the projects of MCTC?

TUBITAK Re-De supported projects are important for us. In 2011, delta robot or spider robot is the first operation we had realized by the support of TUBITAK. Just after that, we actualized another project called D2 delta robot with 2 axis for loads up to 30 kg. We have servo hydraulic cylinder project that is performed for the first time in Turkey. And the project that we started with Bogazici University is not before the jury of TUBITAK. It is a kind of humanoid robot. Industrial robots always operate in a protected area and as far from people. But now, the period of robots that do work with people, that don’t harm the human and that work by learning is coming. We observed that you apply various environmentalist systems at your factory.

What are these?

We are generating power through the photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof of the building. 363 units of panel are annually generating power of 118.000 kWh. Through environmentalist production, CO2 emission is being prevented and 92 grown trees are being saved per year. Moreover, there is earth sourced heat pump system in our building, and with this the productivity is increasing by at least 40%. And again by the air sourced heat pump used in our building, the cooling system is being made environment friendly and reliable against earthquake. All waste water, except the black water, is called Gray Water. Through our gray water recycling system, we are saving 50% from water consumption. By our Solarwall System, we are obtaining natural gas saving up to 40% in heating up of production areas.