Ideal solution for AR-GE Central Processes management; “CPM HR Software”

Companies with R & D centers in their own right can face various difficulties and difficulties in managing and controlling their processes. The different procedures and processes of the R & D Centers constitute the method of determining working hours and the obligation to register, the existence of arrangements and processes related to the incentive, the follow up of billing and other similar processes and obligations, management and notification to official units. Because of these differences and requirements, R & D centers’ HR practices are often tracked and managed separately.

“CPM Human Resources Software” offers a solution under the same roof to the requirements of the R & D Center with its flexible structure which includes all necessary processes.

Personnel The software that processes the data from the PDKS system and calculates the days of the R & D incentive for those who work can transfer this information to the billing process. Including the necessities and advantages of the incentives in the same module, CPM HR provides complete follow-up and management of the process.

In addition, distribution of the expenses of the R & D Center with the help of the distribution key, payment of wages, roads, meals etc. according to the staff’s effort rates on the project. can be easily transferred to the project costs and the accounting integration of all these transactions can be realized with CPM HR module.