Interview is had with Cengiz Cesur, who is the Board Chairman of International Dunnage, that has strengthened the management and relations of its offices abroad with CPM export module, and who is also the deputy chairman of Cesur Packaging Company.

Can we get to know you and your company closely? 

I am the board chairman of International Dunnage company and I am also deputy chairman at Cesur Packaging Company. I am 50 years old and I am working at International Dunnage for the past five years. Beforehand, I worked for 20 years at Cesur Packaging Company. Our International Dunnage company is an institutions with 50% partnership with 50% partnership of an American institution,of which Cesur Packaging Company is a partner. Our head office is located in Atasehir and our production facility is located in Tosya/Kastamonu. We also have a sales office, warehouse and logistics facility in America. As International Dunnage, we are producing airbags that are produced in transportation, for providing safety of products and transportation. In transportation airbags are being widely used in America. It began to be widely spread in Europe and in Turkey in recent years. While we are exporting 90% of our production, we are providing services to domestic market with 10% of it.

To which sectors does your company provide services and to which countries are you realizing exports?

Sectors to which we provide services are various. There is need for us in order for products not to get damaged during transportation as space is left between the products. As we are producing a product that can be used in all kinds of sectors, we have a very wide range of customer portfolio.

We are realizing exports mainly to America and to Canada and Mexico. Besides Spain, Holland, Germany, and Greece are among the countries with which we densely work in Europe.

You are a company that also continues to grow abroad. What can you say about the situation of sector with respect to our country and abroad?

Two major countries producing airbags in the world are China and Turkey. China is a competitive country in all topics. But regarding product quality we are much beyond China as being the producers in Turkey. Thus, our market share is much higher. Turkey is among the most advanced countries in the production of airbags. In Turkey there are many airbag producers. Among these companies we are the oldest and biggest one. Apart from us there are also three other big companies. Many of them are companies having foreign partners and they are working for exportation.

Airbag sector is a sector that grows each and every day. As our customers get more conscious, our potential is also growing. In transportation loading are still made with the primitive systems. These systems are creating problems for customers where they go. As our product is known more, it is being used more. It is required for us and for our competitors to introduce this product more to the world. We must especially introduce it to the developing countries. Because potential grows in this way.

What do you think about CPM? What kind of contributions did it make to your company?

The reason why we passed to CPM is that we wished to have a more integrated system and to work with a program that was produced for us. Beforehand we were using a more standard program and we could not work as being integrated. Surely the passages take place very quickly and people cannot get accustomed to them quickly. Many functions of program are still not being used. I think that if program is used as a whole, we can benefit more from it. We are still improving this system in our organization. As we are an institution having a foreign partner, we wish to use CPM in the following process in an integrated way with all our companies.

What are your future plans relating with your company?

We are surely targeting to grow. We are aiming to expand our sales net. We are especially targeting to be present in a greater number of regions in America which is distributed to a big region. For this purpose, we are always recruiting new sales staff for our system. In recent periods by opening a warehouse in western coast, we expanded our area of coverage. We also have the target to expend sales net similarly in Europe. In the future periods, we may open an office in Germany as being one of the big markets.

Can you allocate time for yourself within your busy working tempo? What do you like to do?

I am allocating time for myself. In summer times I usually spend my weekends in the south. In winter time when children have their vacations, we go for skiing. Sometimes when I have time, I play golf.

What kind of advantages did export module bring to you? What has changed in your company?

Transfer of customs transactions to electronic environment has eliminated documents and bureaucracy and it has enabled for transactions to be completed more quickly and to contribute for avoiding loss of time in exportation.

With CPM export module, customs e-invoice integration was realized in the shortest time. With E – invoice, customs processes of company have accelerated and it has made positive contribution to the controlling and follow up of our exports.

What are your opinions regarding the viewpoint of companies situated in Turkey regarding exports and about their potentials?

The unlucky events that were lived through in recent past has affected the image of our country abroad in a negative way and therefore, it has disrupted our trading. Companies like us should see the subject of exportation as a national issue and they should act together with the aim to enable our country to regain what it has lost. Our having a dynamic and young generation is the most important indicator of export potential of our country. By using this advantage correctly, we should aim at increasing our exports.

It should be the fundamental target of each exporter to produce and sell products meeting global standards, to show the potential of our country, and to contribute positively to the image of our country.