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Intranet System Features

Announcement (Notifications) Management:

In-house notifications, news and announcements can be issued with the announcement management module. Notifications entered by the designated administrator from the administration panel, can be instantly displayed by the user on the intranet login screen.

Document Management:

Unlimited number of document categories can be created and internal document sharing (pdf, word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) can be shared from the administration panel.

Personnel Permission Request:

Personnel logged in to the system may request one day leave, half day leave and leave between the specified dates. Requests are submitted to the approval of the administrator designated for the user. Remaining annual leave and used leave requests of the personnel can be reported instantly.

Payroll Display:

Personnel can view their payroll of the selected month and year.

Birthday Notice:

The birthdays of registered personnel are communicated to all registered persons on daily basis. A special congratulatory message is sent on personnel’s birthday via automatic mail and intranet.

Entrusted Inventory Viewing and Fault Notification:

Personnel logged in can view the list of inventory entrusted to them. They may report a fault in the event of any failure. Failure notifications can be monitored by the management. In addition, personnel can track the status and place of the faulty inventory in the system.

Information Display:

Personnel logged in can view personal information identified on the erp personnel card and the documents belonging to them (traffic fines etc).

Meeting Management:

Meeting can be scheduled by specifying the place, time and participants. Notifications of the meetings to be attended by the users who will participate in the meeting are done on daily basis. Staff can view their weekly and daily meetings. New meeting place can be created by specifying capacity and location from the management panel.

Personnel Viewing:

In order for the company’s personnel to get to know each other, the employees of the company defined in the system can see the picture and contact information (telephone, email) information of all the personnel in the region.

Product Viewing:

Personnel can view the specifications (pictures, description, etc.) of the products defined in the stock card, divided into product groups.