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• ERP Solution for Healthcare Industry
• ERP Solution for Aktivite Ajans
• ERP Solutions for Magazine Advertising
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ERP Solutions for Magazine Advertising


• Tracking of Magazine Submissions
• Tracking of Readers and Authorities
• Submission of Offers
• Contract Tracking and Invoicing
• Single Page Reservation Tracking
• Creation of Cargo and Shipping Labels
• Reporting

Tracking of Magazine Submissions

• Defining the magazines to be sent to the magazine card
• Defining advertising sections of magazines as advertising spaces
• Defining the works done related to the magazine in the fairs visited during the year to the fair card

Tracking of Readers and Authorities

• Keeping the information of customers and readers with the current card
• Display of the information of all customers and readers’ authorized employees with the Authorized Card

Submission of Offers

• Entering the prices given to a customer for a magazine and sending an offer to the customer
• Modification of the offer with the offer revision
• Adding additional information about the offer to the offer description section
• Ad reservations and scheduling the times of ad placing in the sales offer
• Taking print out of the offer

Contract Tracking and Invoicing

• After making an agreement, whether a customer is quoted or not, entering the information about in which magazine, on which page and in which year and month the ad will be published.
• Invoicing after the contract is signed with the invoice list
Creation of Cargo and Shipping Labels
• Customer or reader information on the magazines to be sent to customers or readers, as printed labels
• Reporting shipment information


• With the magazine sales reports, reporting how much sales are made from which magazine and to whom.
• Ad booking reports, reporting when the magazine ads will be made
• With the special page booking, reporting of pages of magazines to be printed.
• With the magazine submission report, after the magazine submissions have been defined to the current cards, reporting which month and which magazine will be sent to whom and printing out the relevant labels.
• With sales activities report, display of the status of all activities entered from the business card (such as General Sales Activity, Internal Affairs or Fair Activities…).
• With ad list and invoice list, reporting how much is paid to which advertisement and in which months advertising will be made.