Palamut & CPM sailing team that is formed under the main sponsorship of Palamut Group and CPM Software, started the new season with the leadership of Targan Hazarhun. The team will compete in 26 races that will be realized in Istanbul with the leadership of Targan Hazarhun.

Palamut Group and CPM Software operating in two different sectors found the common point in the sea.  Palamut & CPM sailing team which is the common sailing team of both companies will race in IRC2 group in 26 races that will be realized in Istanbul.

Board Chairman of CPM Software and Palamut Group Recep Palamut, who stated that he participated individually in races before establishing Palamut & CPM Sailing Team said: “When we thought about how we can realize these races more professionally, in a way to involve our employees as a social activity as well, we decided to participate in races with a racing boat and we also got feedback that our employees would give support to this team and that they wished to participate in races. The idea to establish a team being composed of our company employees increased our motivation “.

“We wanted struggling and competing with difficulties to be our main theme.”

Recep Palamut, who stated that during this process they decided to establish a team with Targan Hazarhun also said: “We became the sponsor of Targan Hazarhun. We bought a racing boat with Archambault A 35 model. The name of our boat was also Palamut. In this road we proceed professionally with trainer Targan we are continuing with our training without reducing. The point we reached is like the indicator of degrees we will attain “.

Palamut, who stated that they enjoyed putting in efforts and working as a team, continued by saying: “In sailing the most important point is to be disciplined. This particular bears vital importance. When we look at our business life, we see that discipline comes first among most important points that will make us achieve success. For this reason, we similarize business life with sailing a lot. We are seeing sailing not only as a pleasant sport but also as a training tool to support developing management competencies.”