İsak Pardo: “We started to complete our tasks and analysis besides calculating our costs more easily by means of CPM ERP.

Hi, first of all can you please tell us about your company? How did your company start?

Our company was established 60 years ago. We started to export in 1993. At the beginning, some companies were skeptic about button business in Turkey, but now they purchase majority of their accessory products from Turkey. Istanbul Textile and Confection Exports’ Union reported that we are the number one button exporter in Turkey.

I am the second generation that worked for this company. I’ve worked actively in most of the departments of the company since 1979. My 3 children also work respectively in the finance, manufacturing and export departments as the 3rd generation.

When did you establish your metal button factory? How did this need emerge?

7 years ago, we opened our metal button factory additionally. We

wanted to respond to the needs of our customers more extensively. We also opened our second factory in Yenibosna in order to supply metal buttons, jean buttons and metal accessories in varied qualities whenever the customer needs.

Now we have enough capacity to supply every type of polyester, horn and korozo buttons and metal accessories to the

all companies around the world. For sure, the acceptance of our brand name Polsan in many countries accelerated development and integration of our company globally. Our two companies currently have 250 employees.



Which countries do you export to?

Now we export our products to many European countries that primarily include Spain, Vietnam, India, USA, Germany and Netherlands. We are now a globally recognized and accepted Turkish company in the button manufacturing sector.

How can you describe the corporate culture of Polsan? How did your corporate culture contributed to your success?

I’ve been working in Polsan for 36 years. I can tell you that we are a huge family with 250 and we consider everybody as a family member. Every single person who wants to stay in this family is precious for me. Majority of our employees are with us for 30-35 now.

I want them to consider our company as their home. We are always in unity. I believe this is one of the biggest factors that brought Polsan to success.

Do you have any other branches both in Turkey and Abroad?

Our headquarter office is located on the European side. We have a factory in India, Spain and USA. We wish to stay connected with our customers in this way. For the last 4 years, we’ve increased our turnover 15-25% every year.

Do you follow major international fairs? Which fair have you visited lately?

Certainly, we participate in major fairs around the world and try to communicate our activities and future plans and cooperate with the other companies from the sector. So, we are trying to show what Polsan is capable of doing as a Turkish company. Participating in big scale fairs gives us a great advantage to consolidate our name globally.

2 months ago, we participated in a fair in the USA. When the biggest companies of the USA visit us and observe our innovations, they get surprised. And they told us how surprising it was to see such beautiful buttons in Turkey. For sure, we felt proud of ourselves at that moment.

As you grew, you might feel the need for using ERP software. How did you start using CPM ERP software?

We started to grow with our 3rd generation company after 6-7 years. The participation of the new generation company in our family improved our growth and technologies. We exchanged ideas and decided that the old system had to be replaced with a newer version and something had to change. After that, we started to conduct serious studies on software and finally opted for CPM. We thought that cooperating with CPM can bring our company forward, so we started to work without losing time. After concluding the deal with CPM, we moved step by step. First, accounting and later manufacturing programs were integrated.

What type of advantages do you have by using CPM ERP software?

We started to complete our tasks and analysis besides calculating our costs more easily by means of CPM ERP. We have to watch a bunch of processes. Every single process has its own difficulties and costs. Before using ERP software, we could only see them superficially but now we can review all of them in greater detail. When we receive orders from a customer, we can view the state of the collection.

Furthermore, the company owners usually travel a lot. Even if they are gone, thanks to the software they can feel themselves at the factory. ERP gives us a great advantage in this sense. Where ever I go, I can get access to all company details clearly, precisely and easily. For sure, at the beginning we didn’t know much about ERP and had some trouble. But now all our employees are used to working with it.

Every day we realize the value of CPM more and more. For example; when we sit in our US office, we are able to follow our outgoing orders, received goods, received collections and other account activities. This convenience makes us feel as if we were in our factory based in Kartal, which is very comfortable and peaceful.

Do you have any future plans for solution partnerships with CPM?

Of course we have. Let’s explain this under two points. First of all, we are open to the offers that CPM may

bring to us, because we are open to innovations and global manufacturing ideas. We also want to have what is new in the world. This way of thinking is valid both for the machinery and the working system. We will review every single offer that CPM will give to us and practice the ones appropriate for us.

Secondly, we wish to integrate overseas companies with the CPM ERP program. We will understand each other better once we integrate them with the ERP program as well.

What are your future plans about your company?

We want to start manufacturing textile products in the future. For sure, our products must be integrated with the textile industry and our customer demands. We are making research to open our 3rd factory in a different country. Our aim is to stay close to our customers and to serve them more efficiently.

The philosophy of our corporate is as follows: we don’t produce buttons and accessories, we produce services. You can always be successful as long as you offer fast services with a smiling face.

Furthermore, the capacity of Polsan is also the best in the Middle East besides Turkey.

We are number two in Europe which makes us proud. We want to increase and modernize our capacity in the future. Of course, we believe in the help and role of CPM while doing so.

Now we ask CPM everything we do, it functions like Google for us. They can answer everything.

Considering that Turkey is in a sort of economic crisis, how did that affect your sector?

Of course, the reflection of this economic crisis on the sector also impacted us adversely.

We had serious problems with the domestic market and the maturities were extended and things got tense.

On the other hand, the foreign market was rather softer in terms of reaction; however the customers were hesitant to come back. But I believe those though times are over now, since we closed the gap by going abroad. We thought that we had to go to them if they didn’t come to us. Our export didn’t retreat, however the domestic market risks intensified so do the question marks heads. In a nutshell, we are not as happy as before with the domestic market. We are rather anxious.

What do you do in your free times?

My greatest pleasures are reading, listening to music, doing sports and travelling. I am already accustomed

to travel as part of my job. My biggest hobby is travelling abroad, sightseeing, visiting interesting places and imagining commercial opportunities. I traveled almost everywhere in the world. I

can’t help thinking of commercial opportunities even when I travel as a tourist, but I also don’t forget seizing sightseeing during business trips. This is like chicken and egg situation. But I deeply enjoy connecting business and leisure.

Are there any social activities that you do with your employees?

We organize a special dinner for 2-3 times a year. All our employees gather in one place and have some nice time from time to time. Everybody works so hard in the company and we spend 8 hours of the day together at work. We work so hard, so we need have a conversation and attend social activities. The dinners that we organize gives us a chance to reinforce our relationship to socialize with each other.

Would you like to add something?

We want CPM to work hard and bring us innovations. Today, people can easily and rapidly have access to every kind of information. We believe and think that CPM’s software ERP can give us that practicality. Even if buttons seems easy to produce, there are many phases of production. We wish to develop a solution that will enable us to calculate the cost and profitability of each phase with the help of CPM in 2017. We want to grow with CPM.