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Performance Management System

The reason behind this evaluation is not only grading the employee but finding out strengths of the individual while determining the weaknesses requiring development as well.

This the employee can see the results of his/her own work and assess the results of his/her individual success. The performance level of the employees enables them to nominate themselves to various positions within the scope of their career plans.

On the other hand, the employees have the opportunity to make assessments on topics such as career development.

In the Performance Management System, there are the following sub-modules that should be monitored periodically in separate processes:

• Business Objectives
• Competency Objectives
• Interim Evaluation Surveys After Employment
• 360 Degree Tests
• Career Development Cards

Business Objectives;

It is the system in which the corporation shake hands with the individual by mutual agreement on topics such as the rate of realization of the terms of the labor contract, the level at which the care and competency of the employee is reflected to the work, the success in duties and the achievement of the standards in the job definition of the person.

Competency Objectives;

It is the system in which the actions to be taken are defined and followed in order to reach the competencies that the individual should have for the current and target position.

Interim Evaluation Surveys After Employment;

It is the system in which the orientation and development processes of the personnel employed in the corporation are followed on the basis of personnel and managers.

360 Degree Tests;

It is the system in which the business relations of the personnel with the units he/she is in contact such as suppliers, customers, subordinates and superiors in business processes are evaluated.

Career Development Cards;

It is a system in which the professional career goals of the employee are planned and the professional skills and competencies that the employee should have for a higher position are defined and followed.