Together with changing technology trends, artificial intelligence based CV assessment tools are on the agenda. Indicating that the systems that allow HR experts to make accurate analysis in the recruitment processes will increase rapidly in the coming period, Recep Palamut, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CPM Software, states that these systems will directly affect the recruitment process and have significant advantages especially for the candidates.

In today’s business world, it is very important for HR experts to make the right analysis in the recruitment process. In the digitalization process where terms such as changing technology trends, artificial intelligence and machine learning appear more in our lives, CVs are now evaluated with artificial intelligence-based tools. Recep Palamut recently stated that they have switched to artificial intelligence based CV evaluation in recruitment processes as CPM Software. “These systems are now included in every aspect of our lives. Following the changing trends and determining a route in this direction is one of the most important steps. With the CPM Software’s HR module, we can manage the evaluation part which is the most important stage of the recruitment process in a much more accurate way.

A process fully prone to human errors

Palamut emphasizes that traditional recruitment is a process open to human errors. “In traditional recruitment processes, steps are are usually of three or four stages. These stages are prone to human errors. Human error in artificial intelligence based evaluation tools are almost zero. Our HR module, which plays an important role in the accurate evaluation of CVs, measures whether the CV under evaluation is in compliance with the criteria we have determined. In this way, you become able to manage a more objective and almost zero-error process. Emphasizing that AI based systems will skyrocket in a very short perdiod of time, Palamut added; “We can perform about 99 percent accurate analysis in the correct elimination processes. This rate is very important for recruitment departments. A very important advantage in choosing the right person for the right position. Today, it is inevitable to develop different strategies to attract and retain young talents. The use of artificial intelligence-based CV assessment tools will increase day by day.”

Emphasizing that HR departments save time by means of CPM ERP HR module, Palamut continued as follows: “Completing the recruitment processes with artificial intelligence-based tools increases the satisfaction of the candidates and enables more accurate choices for the company. Saving time while incresing efficiency for HR experts can be considered as yet another advantage of these systems.”

“Increase in efficiency will be affected directly”

Stating that the artificial intelligence-based CV assessment tools will directly affect the efficiency of the company, Palamut added: “The induction of people who are considered to be suitable for departments and job descriptions will directly affect the efficiency of the company. Organizations that operate on the basis of efficiency need to analyze the evaluations in this process correctly and make it more objective with less errors. Today, when technology and conditions change so fast, we must adapt to digital transformation and use these systems.”