Red and White Meat Production Execution System

CPM is a set of integrated systems where many systems operate together from stock tracking to material requirements planning, from risk management to credits, from statuory record keeping to international reporting, from document management to corporate procurement and expense management, from pre-sale CRM to after-sale Services, from quality management to total productivity management.

What does the Red and White Meat Production Execution System Do?

It enables end-to-end production management from a single point. 

Easy transfer between production stages with hand terminals

The barcode system enables production at all related stages.

Instantaneous tracking of the -18 and -40 warehouses

Production stages such as chopping and saucerisation are simple and quick

Contract production can be monitored.

Offline and Online operation are possible.

It provides field logistics optimisation

Invoice can be issued and collected during product delivery

Serial and lot number tracking can be performed.