Briefly, who is Rabi Hazan?

I was born in Izmir in 1961. I graduated from Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School in 1979, and from Bogazici University Department of Business Administration in 1983. In 1986, we established Roteks Tekstil A.S. with my partners. For 30 years, we are operating in woven outerwear industry.

How was the establishment and growth of Roteks Tekstil?

Roteks Tekstil had been established in 1986 through the partnership of three families. And it is still continuing its operation with the same partnership structure. We are company oriented at overseas sales. We are mainly working on denim and non-denim products. Currently, we are carrying out the design, product development, production organization and sales – marketing functions along with our 190 employees. Our annual business volume is 5.500.000 units, and about 60.000.000 Euros. By the end of 2014, we started the production of our own brand (COJ Cup of Joe Denim). We established a distribution organization in Netherlands. Currently our products are being sold to 6 European Union member states.

What are you future plans?

We are planning to rapidly improve our design facilities. We have prepared a project in this subject. In order to reach to competitive costs, we are trying to cooperate with ready wear manufacturers especially at East and South East Anatolia provinces. Nowadays, we reached a sales capacity of 200.000 units per year. We are targeting a sales of 600.000 units/year within the next three years

What are the status and expectations of the companies in textile industry?

We are experiencing a period in which the profit margins decreased a lot. For this reason, new investments are scarcely any.   Only renewal investments are able to be performed. I think the companies that attach importance especially to design and innovation will be able to strengthen their positions in the industry.

How did the requirement for transiting to ERP arise?

It can be said that problems of reporting and difficulty of inspection directed us to using ERP. We had already realized that carrying out the business without using ERP was very hard for the companies whose business volume and organizational structure is over a specific level.  Thus, we made the required decision.

What kinds of benefits did ERP provide?

Now, we are able to work with more confidence while using our reports. In the past, we were being obliged to perform implementations which would confirm the accuracy of a report in more than one program. We can say that we had eliminated that condition. The use of ERP had also been beneficial in respect of identification and performance of intercorporate authorizations. Are you satisfied with CPM from which you received service in the field of ERP? What kind of relation are you in? The changes that had realized in the management staff of CPM is the recent past provided positive results in respect of increase of our communication with CPM. We started to involve in direct communication and to collaborate with CPM.  The continuous availability of consultants team in Izmir became an advantage for us.

If you would like, tell us about your interest in theatre and your other hobbies?

In the past, I was involved in amateur acting at theatres for 8 years.  Nowadays, I’m unable to do it due to lack of time. I listen to music in my free times. Especially I like all types of rock music.

What are the cities and spaces inspiring you?

I liked Spain the most among the countries I could travel. Especially Barcelona is the leading one among the cities that I like the most. I also like Rotterdam that I frequently visit due to business. In the meanwhile, the place of Istanbul is unique for me. The scene of bosphorus always attracts me.

What are your characteristics that are affecting your success in business life?

I started my business life along with my partners. And we are still continuing together. I believe there is something called partnership culture. I believe the ones who had adopted this culture will be more successful in the management of companies. I am a good listener. I listen to everyone.

In recent years, one of the headings that we hear the most when it is called technology is Industry 4.0. How are you considering this subject?

As all the developments increasing productivity and facilitating life, this technology is also rapidly becoming widespread and growing. In the near future, I believe it will take part in many other fields and industries that are not being considered now. It means that the 4th Industry Revolution will not just force and improve industrialists, but also the education industry. That is, the humanity is continuing to improve technology, and technology is continuing to improve humanity.

In the subject of science and technology, what should be the course we will follow?

The most significant preparation is ideological preparation. As the industrial institutions in Turkey, we have to have a visionary perspective regarding Industry 4.0. In our country, there are companies having this vision and strength. Events such as forums, trainings, portal etc. with the subject of Industry 4.0 are being performed. But it is a reality that it should be acted very fast in order to catch the countries being the leader of this technology.

At what level are you using informatics and technology in your own company?

We are realizing our production over the contracted manufacturer working with us. The capacities and scales of these companies are differing. Especially at companies being at top of the ranking, informatics and technology products are being used both in the field of communication and in production processes.

Technology and science cannot improve without quality education, right?

It is required to increase the quality and scope of the informatics technologies trainings especially being provided at universities. By working with the private sector in this field, it should be concentrated on practical trainings that will adapt the students to real life and real projects.

“The most significant preparation is ideological preparation. As the industrial institutions in Turkey, we have to have a visionary perspective regarding Industry 4.0. In our country, there are companies having this vision and strength.”