CPM Software, one of the leading domestic, competent and most-trusted companies in corporate business management processes, provides great convenience for educational institutions with the system it has developed for “School Management”.

With this system which we consider as a sine qua non of a higher quality and

more successful education, we help to improve quality in both education and

management by enabling school administrations and teachers to spend more time

with their students instead of wasting time with administrative tasks.

With the School Management System developed in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of National Education, CPM Software provides convenience for instant monitoring of all financial and administrative processes for the school administration while giving opportunity for detailed observation and evaluation of the educational processes of the schools and students. The activities of the school administration in many areas such as finance, accounting, customer relationship management, human resources and procurement can be controlled instantly with CPM School Management. Thus, by helping the administrators and teacher focus more on their students, which is their primary tasks, it plays an important role in the improvement of the education quality.

Provides Ease of Operation with User Friendly Interfaces

Performing transactions with the School Management system is easy with simple interfaces. Branch transactions, current term transactions, access to school / classroom based income and expense statements, past or current transactions are an important factor in ensuring efficiency in management. The system developed for School Management, makes all the necessary information of the student accessible from anywhere at any time according to different dates and criteria, and it integrates all field of activities of the schools with specific solutions.