Everything for Education




CPM Yazılım, within the scope of the “Everything for Education” social responsibility project, Şanlıurfa hosted 43 students and 7 teachers in Istanbul. The students who came to Istanbul for the first time for 3 days had the opportunity to experience the historical beauties of Istanbul from museum visits to Bosporus tours, islands and cultural tours.


Cpm Yazılım, the leading company in the footwear industry, has brought 43 students and 7 teachers from Şanlıurfa to for the first time in Istanbul between April 30 and May 2 as part of the “Everything for Education” project, which made actual with the Rabve Foundation.

On the first day of the program, the students who came to Istanbul from Şanlıurfa by airplane and read the excitement of the students who got on the plane for the first time gathered the great pleasure of students from Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Yerebatan Sarnıcı, Rahmi Koç Museum and Miniatürk students. On the second day of the program students who went to Büyükada for a picnic spent a lot of fun with activities such as science, my world, creative drama and motivation in education. The students who took the chance to meet the Istanbul Bosphorus for the first time by making a tour of the Bosporus, visited Rahmi Koç Museum and Miniatürk after the Emirgan tour which took place on the third day. On the second day of the program, he also participated in the students who came to Istanbul from Suruç’tan by winning a scholarship under the “Everything for Education” project.

Recep Palamut expresses the happiness of being touched by the students’ lives with this visit; “I had previously asked the students who we visited during the Everything for Education project that they did not see Istanbul and most students had never seen Istanbul before. When we ask you what you want to see most in Istanbul, we have learned that they want to see Istanbul Bosporus. Afterwards we met with his teachers and organized an Istanbul visit for 50 people. kids who want to go to Turkey’s big cities for incoming students preparing for university and graduate education. At this stage, we are in the priceless happiness of being able to realize the dreams of these brilliant young people, to touch their lives, and to introduce them to Istanbul, which they dream of. ”