haberler.com | 06/08/2018


Support from businessmen for 100-Day Action Plan: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, declared the 100-day action plan of Presidential Cabinet containing 400 projects to the public.

Board Chairman of CPM Software, Recep Palamut, who stated that biggest emphasize on the 100-day action plan was again on “Nationalization and localization”, states that big companies serving Turkey should provide indirect support to the economy by using local software in the conjuncture we are currently in.

President Erdogan introduced the executions to be realized by the Presidency and 16 Ministries within 100 days. In the 100-day action plan there are various targets with headings ranging from transportation to energy, from economy to industry, from foreign trade to shipping, from foreign politics to defense, from education to health, from agriculture to technology, and from youth to sports. In the program, there are also steps to be taken in budget and public financing.

Support began to be given to Erdogan’s 100-day action plan from the business world. Board Chairman of CPM Software Recep Palamut who made evaluations relating with the subject, said: ‘We are supporting the emphasize made by our President on localization and nationalization from the heart. We, as being domestic companies, are supporting our country’s power by realizing sales in TL. In these days when we need to grow as being focused on efficiency, we think that everyone will show sensitivity for the action plan that is explained. We have explained for a long time that in order for our country to reach to the target of being among most powerful 10 economies, it is required for efficiency of our country to be improved and that this can be achieved through information technologies sector. Information technologies sector comes at the forefront of sectors having biggest share in growing Turkish economy. As we are progressing towards our targets for year 2023, big companies serving Turkey should provide indirect support to economy by using domestic software in the conjuncture we are in and in this important stage, they should adopt the principle of trading with TL and not with foreign currencies “.