ST Otomasyon | 11/09/2018

Board Chairman of CPM Software, Recep Palamut said: “We are aiming to realize software exportation.”

We are registered as R&D Center by T.R.Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2017. With this title, we began to take more solid steps for new projects and we determined an investment target of 10 million TL. With the new structuring in our company by increasing our employment with a percent of 20, we gained our colleagues who will contribute value addition in our road to success, to our institution. Our primary target is to demonstrate an innovative standing in the sustainable production in the sector. After our projects with TUBITAK are activated, we are aiming to become a single solution partner in an integrated structure and to realize software exportation. With the investments we make to R&D Center, we have a growth expectation of 25 percent per year with respect to turnover. Within the context of support being given, we will expand our product range with new applications to be produced. As we are making our future plans by monitoring the conjuncture in Turkey and in the world closely, we are giving significant importance to R&D investments. We have full belief in that software world, which should be defined as primary area, will be expanding further both with our primary works and with the contributions made by our government to R&D centers. These incentives will make contribution to strong position of Turkey during digital transformation process. It is required for SMEs both to harmonize with digital transformation and to make investment in R&D. Because if we want to bring out global brands from Turkey, we can achieve this through R&D. We as being CPM software, have been an institution that has adopted the subject of “training” from the day of our being established. At the point we are now, we are making collaborations with the universities. In recent days we signed a strategic collaboration protocol with Istanbul Trade University. With the protocol we have signed, we are targeting to have mutual information, expertise sharing and technology transfers between the university and CPM software. By giving training to university students with our specialized staff, we will enable our students to see the practices of theoretic education they have received in business life. At the same time by providing apprenticeship opportunity to students, we will give them support to prepare them for business life. Within the scope of protocol, we will also provide mentor support to ITICU Incubator Center.