Pardus – the domestic operation system developed by TUBITAK, with its new updates and developments will become mandatory in public institutions. With Pardus which will be used first in aviation and defense industry, new perspectives will open to domestic software and the use of national software will became obligatory. The Pardus project aims to resolve the national security problem in Turkey and pave the way for the domestic software sector.


Pardus ve yerli yazılım ile milli güvenlik sorunu ortadan kalkıyor


Pardus – the domestic operation system developed by TUBITAK, with its new updates and developments is becoming mandatory. The domestic operating system, which will be first used in Havelsan, will be in a leading position in the aviation and defense industry. Especially with the necessity that will force development of national software, it aims to remove national security problem which clearly became prominent with 15th July coup attempt.

Recep Palamut the Chairman of CPM Software, Turkey’s leading ERP company, founded with a hundred percent domestic capital, expressed his satisfaction regarding this regulation and emphasized that this project is a turning point for the software sector and said, “The necessity of using domestic software with Pardus operating system, will bring Turkish software to the capacity to compete with the world countries. At the moment, many hospitals and institutions in our country have begun to use Pardus. The domestic operating system Pardus is an open source software, which prevents the possibility of being infected by viruses and other harmful files. We believe that the Pardus domestic operating system will be one of the successful projects of our country. We are in a period when the software sector along with contribution to the country’s economy, its contribution to the security of the country has to be emphasized. Especially, the software contains the most important information of a company. From the security perspectives of our country, unfortunately, during July 15 events, we have experienced the danger of the situation when such information was in the possession of foreign” he said.