“By Sitki Abdullahoglu -the Vice Chairman and Head of Re-De of ASKON-, critical warnings regarding the strategic importance of software.”

The reality of software became a very important part of our life as a natural reflection of digital era. The software and mobile applications have surrounded our life. Furthermore, we are unable to realize it within the rhythm of daily life. Though, the credit card that we use at the market, the pass card that we use at city highways, any invoice that is sent to us, MOBESE systems that we involve in while going around with our cards, or entry made at any parking area are software products. In the same manner, mobile phones and applications are also being improved due to software, and they are continuously controlling our lives.

Through them, we are connecting to centers that we don’t know about, and we are continuously causing information flow. Additionally, all these are able to occur as video calls.

In other words, the software had restrained all the universe within a network with terrifying complexity and dimension from the most macro level to the most micro level.

If we get a world map, and if the routes of all the highway, seaway, railway and airway vehicles –and even the drones that occupy a significant space nowadays- were marked on it, what kind of a scene we would observe? An appearance in which the whole world is surrounded by a few spider webs would be obtained.

Think about maybe ten times of these. By such a network order, the world has been surrounded by information highways connected to each other. All these have been enabled by software, and again all these are continuing to be managed by software.

All financial systems, banking systems, transportation, communication systems and especially security systems, and also weapon systems are continuing their existence through software.

When the world reaches such a point, necessarily many relevant sub-sectors and many relevant fields of crime and thus laws, legislations and forbidden relations are stepping in. A concept such as hacker had entered in literature for the first time in the period of software or digital era. Hacker is the name assigned to illegal people breaking or surpassing the security walls of software.

This subject of hacker has become the field of interest of adventurous people and especially the youth. Surpassing the systems that are considered to be strongest and bringing their structures down became a hobby. No wall that is not broken and no security that is not surpassed remained from FBI to CIA, from Pentagon to UN, from World Bank to EU institutions.

Undoubtedly, a significant repair move and legal proceedings right after it…

So if the status is this, wouldn’t hostilities step in from this channel? Wouldn’t harming the other party by using these fields or performing intelligence activities be in subject? Of course yes! And this is one of the most significant issues.

This much intense and interwoven conditions of these systems is also being opportunity for gathering information. The required information is easily being gathered through the software, and they are being made ready for use when required.

If it is required to specify as an example, you have a Mercedes car, and it is stolen. You are contacting the headquarter in Germany and having the location of your car determined, and you are able to lock your car and put it in cancelled position. Or the doors of your car are locked, and you don’t have the ability to reach the keys. You are again able to have your car unlocked from the same headquarter.

The ones performing such issues in this manner are also using it in the issue of security. Nowadays, a significant part of the weapons used by the armies are operating through software. But the strategic dimension of software is not being provided to all user countries. In other words, if you attempt to use against itself or against a country being its ally, it is able to block you immediately. Your investment of hundreds of millions dollars is able to become useless at the most critical time.

For this reason, an extremely critical issue such as having domestic software is able to come to the fore. But how will you develop the software of tanks or F16 that you are unable to manufacture? In our country, it is beneficial to re-examine the suicide looking homicides of engineers of ASELSAN –dealing with software- in this respect.

It is required to know that a similar condition is also valid within the companies. It is a reality that is known that the information of the companies is being kept, transmitted and processed through software. Procurement of them by the people, countries and companies –which we don’t want- is actually very easy. The way of preventing it is passing from secure software.

And the primary criterion for secure software is probably having it domestic, national. Today, all the information is strategic. Not only the issues relevant to security. All information from land registers to civil registers is strategic, and they may turn to weapon in the hands of malevolent people.

For this reason, caring the domestic software and generating high level of attention on the subject are arising as a very significant agenda both for the public administrators and the private sector administrators.

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