Palamut & CPM Sailing Team

With the main sponsorship of Palamut Group and CPM Yazılım, Palamut & CPM Sailing Team started the new era with the leadership of Targan Hazarhun.

Two separate sectors Palamut Group and CPM Yazılım met halfway at the sea. The common sailing team of the two companies Palamut & CPM Sailing,Team race in the IRC2 group, with the leadership of Targan Hazarhun, in the 26 races to be held in Istanbul.

Since we love the effort and endeavour, the sailing sport that we have been involved will be in a professional platform and the race will witness an uphill struggle.  With our same effort and the endavour in front of our strong competitors, we hope to finish our race with great success. We work hard to live the team spirit at the sea and achieve successes in this field.

We struggle against difficulties both in our social lives and business lives. Departuring with such professionalism, we wanted our main theme to be struggle and coping with difficulties. Because, sailing is an exact team work. Everyone has a task and a common purpose. For that purpose, everyone is working their guts out. Therefore, we wanted to set our sail to the wind to live the team spirit at the sea.

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• Simin Bıçakcıoğlu, competing for Neo Motorspor in the Turkey Rally Championship with her co-pilot Serkan Okan in a Mitsubishi EVO IX by the sponsor of CPM Software, had a great success in the rallies she took part.Simin Bıçakcıoğlu took a break from rallying at the end of the season as the 2014-2015-2016-2017 women's champion.