The developments in the world of technology continue to change the traditional structure of the companies. Software programs with a main aim of ensuring the management of all operational activities of an enterprise from a digital and electronical environment are the most important agenda of the companies for a long time. Companies who set the bar high in this matter uses ERP programs that can be revised and developed in line with the needs of the companies instead of those answering only the needs of today. Serkan Ahtagil, Member of CPM Software’s Board of Directors has said: “With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), even a global holding can make its management from a singular point. By making a fast entry to software programs, industrial enterprises, SMEs being in the first place, prefer software in which they can make company-custom additions instead of package programs.” in his statement about the issue.

Today, companies have to pay attention to the software no matter which sector they are from. ERP, which is an entirety of the integrated systems in which various systems from stock tracking to material needs, planning to risk management, R&D plans to numeric data, credits and legal books to international reporting and quality management to total efficiency management work together, contains the most important information of a company.

However, a perception that “Package Programs” and “ERP” are the same things began to occur in the sector. On the contrary, while package programs serve in a way to respond to the needs of the day by working for certain needs of the company, ERP systems can be flexed, customized and developed in accordance with companies’ both today’s and future needs. And in doing this, it does not cause extra installation cost to the companies.

In package programs, many side products are simply written to say “we have this too”. If there is a product in CPM ERP, it is developed with serious R&D studies, considering utmost level needs and prepared with its infrastructure ready to be used when need.

Serkan Ahtagil, Member of CPM Software’s Board of Directors, the Leading ERP company of Turkey established with a hundred percent domestic capital states that the most important difference between ERP and package programs is “developing” and said: “Each sector or company may need unique software needs. If you have an ERP system, you can transfer your Know-How to the software company and ask them to develop it or you can make it with the engineers working within your company.”

In ERP systems, the companies have the voice

Ahtagil, stating another advantage of ERP systems, points out the charts and fields can easily be added to the database. Stating that package programs do not have such an infrastructure, Ahtagil says: “Especially in foreign ERP system, when you add a table or field, it allows you to develop it only over its own structure. In other words, it is limited. However, in our product that is a hundred percent domestic software, we do not have that limitation as well. Due to the flexibility of our infrastructure, additions can be made to the programs with a lego logic. We, as CPM Software, allow this. We train the brand we work with. Because we know that the most important value today is saving of time. With the service we provide with ERP system, we help companies make millions of liras profit.”

Millions of Dollars’ Worth Re-Cost Risk

Stating that there re 25.000 medium and large enterprises in Turkey and only 7.000 of them use ERP, Ahtagil says this rate increases day by day. Ahtagil said: “The insufficiency of the software the companies establish in line with their needs by signing millions of dollars’ worth infrastructures cause severe financial losses. In ERP systems, all flow processes are interconnected and eternal. Whatever needs comes forth, you can add it to the flow process within the company too. In package programs on the other hand, the service is limited, it does not have continuance and it is closed to all improvements and developments. The transition of companies to ERP system is completed in very short time.”