With hundred percent domestic capital, CPM Software eliminates the stock, production and reporting problems of the enterprises with the ERP software it has developed specific to all large and small scale enterprises. ERP software developed with 25 years of experience and knowledge gained from over 500 solution partners from different sectors, offers a fast and flexible solution to the enterprises by correcting the deficiencies arising from the software. ERP software provides the most accurate solution to the needs of the company with different solutions and add-ons to different sectors and provides 10% to 25% profitability from the first month.

CPM Software, which offers solution partnership to SMEs and large enterprises with the software it has developed since the first years of its establishment; has been developing software for many different sectors and gaining speed and flexibility to the industrial sector in Turkey since 1999. CPM ERP software, which is not only user and IT friendly, but also administrative friendly, provides its customers with 10% to 25% profitability from the first month.  By gathering all the information flow in a single information pool, ERP saves its users significant time both in reporting and in data flow. When bosses and managers get immediate access to information and reports they want, their decision-making speeds-up.


ERP, which is an integrated system where many systems work together, from stock tracking to material requirements and planning, from risk management to loans, from legal books to international reporting and from quality management to total productivity management, meets all needs on the system very quickly as a multi-layered structure. Offering many solutions and add-ons for different industries, CPM ERP software offers companies the opportunity to make huge profits by saving from time and cost.

Recep Palamut, Chairman of the board of CPM Software: “We have been producing software solutions for large and medium scale sectors since we’re established. First we determine the needs of companies and develop ERP according to the needs. Our goal is to increase productivity in the enterprise. When choosing their software, companies should look for a number of criteria such as the ability of alternative software, to meet the needs of the user and they should even take into account whether it provides them with the infrastructure for years to come. Making an agreement with a software company is a very strategic and technical procurement process for your company. Such procurements are very rare procurements made in every 5-10 years and therefore the right decision should be made. As CPM ERP software; we offer solutions that make life easier for companies in areas such as finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, inventory, accounting, foreign trade, personnel, budget, fixed assets, customer relations, service, production and quality management.

In general, CPM ERP software provides standardization, efficiency and performance to companies in business and information processes, creates a common business culture and language among employees, enables the creation of effective and fast business results at every point of the enterprise with an integrated system support, provides the ability to reduce errors with effective preventive control systems, provides proactive management opportunity with product and process traceability and helps radical improvements in the decision-making process of company management.

The number of large and medium scale businesses in Turkey is about 40.000. ERP usage rate in these enterprises is approximately 17%. The figures show that there is a long way to go for businesses.”


About CPM

CPM ERP, created by the devoted efforts of Turkish software developers, has been using by SMEs and higher level markets since 1999 as a 100% domestic integrated business solution, and provides efficiency, speed and flexibility to Turkish industry with its successful results. CPM software was established in 1989 in Istanbul as a comprehensive software company and has been developing software for their customers since 2000.

It has supported many companies in service industry, especially industrial sector, with its solution partners in different regions of Turkey. CPM not only develops software, but also provides application and after-sales support services. It carries out the subsequent applications of its software together with its solution partners. CPM is a big family serving throughout Turkey with its workers who are trained with the same service culture. The priority of CPM is always to meet the needs and demands of its customers with the most appropriate solutions. CPM is well-known not only for its creative teams, products and solutions, but also for its high business ethics and reliability in after-sales services. Our all workers believe in the values of information sharing, creativity and mediating customers to realize their own power.