The intranet is an efficient tool for the management of the company. Managers can monitor employee performance, track business processes, and monitor the company's financial condition. The intranet ensures the flow of information between all departments within the company and makes business processes more transparent.​


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In-company notifications, news, announcements can be published with the announcement management module. Notifications entered by the designated administrator from the administration panel can be viewed instantly by the user on the intranet login screen.

You can create an unlimited number of document categories from the administration panel and share internal documents (pdf, word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.).

Personnel logging into the system can request leave for daily, full-time, half-day and within the specified date range. The requests are submitted to the approval of the administrator designated for the user. Remaining leave and used leave requests of the personnel can be reported instantly.

Staff can view the payroll for the selected month and year.

The birthdays of registered personnel are reported daily to all registered persons. A special congratulatory message is sent to those who have a birthday, and all personnel within the company are notified via automatic e-mail and intranet.

The logged in personnel can view the list of fixed assets that are embezzled. In case of failure of one of the embezzlements, it can report a malfunction. Fault notifications can be followed by the management. In addition, the personnel can track when, where and in what condition the defective embezzlement is over the system.

The logged in personnel can view the personal information defined on the erp personnel card and the documents belonging to it (traffic fines, etc.).

A meeting can be created by specifying the in-house meeting place, time and participants. The notifications of the meetings to be attended by the users who will attend the meeting are made on the login screens on a daily basis. Staff can view their weekly and daily meetings. A new meeting place can be created by specifying its capacity and location from the administration panel.

In order for company personnel to get to know each other, company employees defined in the system can see the picture and contact (phone, e-mail) information of all personnel regionally.

Personnel can view the properties (image, description, etc.) of the products defined in the stock card, divided into product groups.

The system has its own management module. With this module, authorized personnel can control the information flow on the intranet system. They can add or remove new information.

Requests that can be made by the department and personnel, which require internal approval and must be recorded, can be received on the intranet and submitted to the approval of the relevant units. Approval flows can be followed on the intranet and via e-mail.

Ability to create an unlimited number of image galleries, can create image galleries of information or in-company social activities.

Recording the information of the cargo reaching the company or sent from the company and tracking the cargo transportation status.


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