CPM ERP is an integrated system in which many systems work together, from stock tracking to material requirement planning, from risk management to loans, from legal books to international reporting, from document management to corporate purchasing and expense management, from pre-sales CRM to after-sales Service, from quality management to total productivity management. is the whole. As an application with a layer architecture, it quickly meets all kinds of extra needs on the system. CPM ERP software, which succeeds in being manager-friendly as well as being user and IT-friendly, differs from its peers in this respect.


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CPM ERP is one of the rare software companies that has experience in many different sectors with the solutions it pioneers. It also pioneers innovative solutions in many sectors such as chemistry, automotive, paint, engineering, medical, assembly and hairdressing.


R&D Management

Human Resources Management

Analyst BI

Customer Relations Management

Quality Management

Financial Management

Sales / Marketing Management

Accounting Management

Enterprise Purchasing Management

Foreign Trade Management

Stock Management

School Management

Production Management


Risk Management

Payment Plan Management

FPR (Following Past Receivables)

Check & Bill Management

Bank Transaction Integration

Cash Flow Management

Performance Management

Tender Management

Fixed Asset Management

Service Management

Budget Management

Mobile Approval Management


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CPM Yazılım

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Bizimle İletişime Geçin

CPM Yazılım

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