Do not be afraid of fluctuations in the economy and the changing expectations of the market. Integrate your company’s financial structure with powerful software, and access up-to-date information in your financial management quickly and practically!

CPM Finance Management provides central recording and management of daily current account transactions, cash, credit card, bank, forward sales and related checks and promissory notes in TL and different currencies, budgets and investment instruments in simple and standard formats.


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CPM Finance Management supports different currencies. With the multi-currency operation, the transaction currency (Transaction Currency) and the reporting currency (Reporting Currency) can be followed together in the records. Exchange rate differences resulting from transactions with foreign currencies are calculated automatically. Again, it automatically calculates the exchange differences and periodic valuations that occur in the collection of checks and bills received in foreign currency. Calculated values are reflected in current and accounting simultaneously.

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Being able to follow the instant progress of your current accounts is advantageous for your business! With the right ERP software, you can instantly access the information you want, visualize it with reports and analysis, and have the most up-to-date data to set new targets.

CPM Current Account Module is the program module where we track the debts and receivables of the people and institutions we trade with. Customer accounts is the module where, in addition to keeping the debit and credit records, information about the activities and services performed with the customer before and after the sale is kept and the results can be analyzed. Profitability and monthly sales analysis etc. The module, where information can be accessed instantly and can also store files (Word, Excel, Pdf, etc.) prepared outside the system, is designed so that pictures can be added. Moreover, not as a standard screen, the screen editing function, which is valid for the entire CPM ERP program, and which you can easily apply without being dependent on software developers, is offered as standard, where you can design “whatever your needs”.

It is the section where the relevant information of all (unlimited number) of the company’s officials are kept. Name-surname, title, telephone, e-mail etc. for each authorized person. In addition to the standard information, you can find information about the date of birth, wedding anniversary, the team he keeps, the high school he graduated from, the university, etc. Apart from tens of standard fields defined in this way, 45 auxiliary code fields that you can design and use are ready in the system.

With the Collective Financial Information Module, you can instantly access all data from the customer’s credit and open account limit, from the total of the checks and bills that have not yet been collected (personally and with endorsement) to their collateral, if any, from the uninvoiced waybill information to the total order amount and available limit information. The date on which your customer paid, the last date on which reconciliation and interest reconciliation was made, the product, price and discount information received by your customer are just a few of the information you can access.

It is the customer card reporting section, where we access all the detailed analyzes about the customer. Dozens of reports come as standard, from current account statement to aging information, to day late analysis. With our report development modules, you can easily define the extra reports that your business may need and add them to financial analysis.

This is the section where you can access data on all checks and bills given to you by the relevant customer. You can find answers to questions such as whether there are bad checks, what is the average maturity of checks and bills.

In the customer card, you can instantly access not only financial analysis, but also all data from customer goods profitability to monthly sales analysis of the customer, from this program.

If you want to prevent the sale of a certain product group to a customer, it is sufficient to make this definition in the customer card. The system will prevent order taking.

Orders, waybills, invoices, etc., with their own commodity codes. For your customers who want document transcripts, it is sufficient to define the customer-specific commodity codes on the customer card.

This is the section where all bank account information of your customers is kept.

It enables the transfer of all cards in a controlled and fast manner by determining which fields will be placed in the system with all customer information prepared in an existing Excel file. It is a function that can also be used when bulk changes are required on a field basis in the existing customer.

With the file attachment function, you can add an infinite number of files, regardless of the extension, such as Word, Excel, Pdf, Mvi, etc. to the customer card. Added files are saved and protected by the program. The files can be easily accessed at any time.

Other Modules in this product


Don’t let bank transactions spoil your fun! Take control of all your banking transactions with the CPM ERP software, which provides simultaneity and ease of tracking.

Banking transactions are transactions that cause loss of time for finance and/or accounting departments in daily life and cause delays in financial reporting because they cannot be done simultaneously with the system.

With the Check/Note – Money Order/EFT integration module of CPM ERP, the electronic transfer of the checks sent to the banks to the banks and the online transfer of the results to the system are provided. Remittance/EFT orders given to banks are also transferred to banks electronically.

The results of all transactions are transferred online to the bank, customer and accounting modules.


Check-promissory notes transactions, which are an indispensable part of local markets, are among the issues that need to be followed carefully. An effective ERP software is just right on point!

Easy monitoring of checks and bills, which are payment and collection tools, periodic tracking of their positions, and fast access to data are factors that make business life easier. CPM ERP Check-Note management ensures that all positions are followed and the transactions that occur at the end of these positions work simultaneously with accounting.

Check-Note Management General Functions

  • Tracking the last positions of checks by any past date
  • Following the daily, weekly, monthly distribution and average maturities according to the selected positions
  • All analyzes can be made according to the transaction date
  • All analyzes can be made according to the check issuer or the drawer.
  • Online integration with accounting
  • Currency difference calculations


General Editing of Check and Note Management

  • Credit Check Cards
  • Credit Checks
  • Expense Entry
  • Credit Checks
  • Portfolio Entry Payroll
  • Credit Checks Turnover Slip
  • Credit Checks Turnover Blind Payroll
  • Credit Checks Turnover Collected Payroll
  • Checks Receivable Collection Payroll
  • Receivable Checks Collected from the Bank Payroll
  • Receivable Checks Collected from Cash Payroll
  • Credit Checks Not Paid Payroll
  • Received Checks Receivable Payroll
  • Credit Checks Return Slip
  • Blessed Checks
  • Receivable Payroll
  • Receivable Checks Brought Back Payroll
  • Checks Receivable Collected Badly Payroll
  • Payroll of Credit Checks Given to Distribution
  • Delayed Debt Collection Payroll
  • Receivable Checks Given to Attorney Payroll
  • Receivable Checks Issued Payroll
  • Credit Checks Impossible to Collect Credits Slip
  • Checks Receivable Collateral Release Payroll
  • Loss of Credit Checks Payroll
  • Debit Check Card
  • Debt Checks Bank Payment Slip
  • Debt Checks Received Payroll
  • Debt Checks Blind Payroll
  • Debt Checks Cash Out Payroll
  • Debt Checks Loss Payroll
  • Payroll for Paying Debt Checks
  • Debt Checks Unpaid Payroll
  • Debt Checks Collateral Issue Payroll
  • Debit Card
  • Debt Securities Bank Payment Slip
  • Debt Securities Redeemed Payroll
  • Debt Securities Unpaid Payroll
  • Bills Payable Payroll
  • Debt Securities Loss Payroll
  • Debt Securities Payment Slip
  • Debt Securities Unpaid Payroll-
  • Debt Securities Collateral Release Payroll


The follow-up of past receivables is a subject that takes both time and includes legal responsibilities. With the appropriate ERP software, leave the follow-up of this process, the necessary calculations and operations to the specialist, and resolve the disputes before they occur!

Checks and bills as a means of payment and collection may sometimes go unrequited and the bills may be a protest. The collection of checks and bills is mostly made from the company from which they are purchased. However, sometimes, in cases where collection is impossible, legal follow-up of checks and bills is required.

All transactions in the process of giving a check or bill to a lawyer, initiating enforcement proceedings, entering collection costs, calculating interest rates, collecting or becoming doubtful debts are organized by the GAT module.

Every business and every business has its own risks. The important thing is to know how to manage the risk correctly. With CPM ERP software, closely monitor your cash flow, follow the course of the market, and be informed about risky situations in advance.

The CPM Risk Management Module, developed to monitor the operational risk of businesses, to control the accuracy of collection processes, to monitor customer payment habits and to create an environment suitable for intervention when necessary, is the solution that allows you to control your money flow.

Very detailed risk reports can be obtained with its parametric structure, which can be monitored in all processes of the sale (offer, order, delivery note, etc.) and can be arranged according to the company’s risk perception. Risk management, in which business managers can be informed of the dangers that may arise as a result of the operation without the concept of space, through e-mail, which is one of the standard functions of CPM ERP, and it is possible to cascade risk approval within the framework of defined limits, also monitors and warns the risks that may arise from past operations.

The risk management module consists of three main sections and many reporting pages within these sections.

1. Current Analysis

2. Check Promissory Note

3. Distribution Analysis

  • Statement, debit, credit, balance information
  • Debit, credit, balance, average maturity, delayed days, interest, closing maturity and many more result information
  • Multiple balance tracking in a single current account card (such as Cash, Time, Unpaid)
  • Delayed balance analysis according to desired time periods
  • Future period collection analysis according to desired time periods
  • Ability to calculate automatic exchange rate difference
  • Matching the desired invoices with the desired collections (Debit/Credit Closing)
  • The ability to pick up the next interest from where it left off by confirming the maturity differences.
  • Extract
  • Balance Detail
  • Detailed Maturity
  • Difference
  • Risk
  • Guarantee
  • Exchange rate differences
  • Interest rates
  • Maturity Approval
  • Promissory Note Risk
  • Personal Check
  • Check Turnover
  • Check Borrower Risk
  • Personal Promissory
  • Note
  • Turnover Bill
  • Bill Check
  • Distribution
  • Daily/weekly/monthly analysis of checks and bills
  • Analysis of promissory notes-check transactions according to the drawer
  • Ability to determine the risk impact percentage of your personal-turnover checks and bills
  • Risk tracking for each explorer
  • Ability to calculate risk for more than one issuer as if it were a single issuer
  • Simultaneous analysis of balance and check-notes in the risk analysis section
  • Forward and backward distribution analysis of the current balance for desired periods or months depending on user preferences.
  • Distribution on a monthly and periodic basis
  • Distribution analyzes of balances in TL and foreign currency according to average maturity and transaction dates

Cash flow is a challenging issue for any business. Get support from an effective software to solve and manage it in the easiest way, and be aware of your money’s journey moment by moment.

Cash flow, which is usually prepared independently, is one of the most intensive transactions of the companies, as different sources of information are needed in the preparation and follow-up processes.

CPM ERP Cash Flow Module not only works in integration with all modules in the program (finance, check, voucher, loans, safe, bank, etc.), but also provides the user with the opportunity to enter data independently.

General Functions

  • Ability to prepare according to the desired time and period intervals (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Ability to communicate with all modules in the system
  • Independent data entry possibility
  • Possibility of manual intervention on all data
Neither your credit nor your energy!

One of the methods used by companies to meet their financial needs is loans and leasing solutions. A single software is enough to master this process and closely examine its effects on your business!

Through the CPM Loans Module, the follow-up of the TL and Foreign currency loans used by the companies and the control of the process from the process of activating the loan to the follow-up of the payment transactions are provided. Loans module works integrated with accounting and cash flow module.

  • Analysis of the company’s power in the markets, tracking the sources that provide income to the company
  • Access to the most detailed information and previous period records in the shortest time possible with effective reporting.
  • Creating a detailed loan payment and collection plan
  • Automatic clearing on loan payment/collection plan
  • Ability to view credit and fund transactions over the general finance scenario

Here is the most guaranteed way to track your payments! Thanks to the ERP software that minimizes personnel errors, all your transactions continue smoothly.

Instead of a single average maturity in the sales and purchasing process, the CPM ERP payment plan, in which the agreements with the companies can be defined in both TL and foreign currency, can be moved from the offer process to the invoice point if desired.

Customer-specific templates (such as 30% cash balance, 30 – 60 – 90 monthly installments) can be defined, as well as a manual payment plan can be prepared with the desired detail. If desired, a maturity difference can be applied to the number of installments made. If desired, the issuance of bills (or checks) as many as the number of installments can be made automatically. Debit-credit matching transactions can be made depending on the payment schedule. Statements and similar reports can be obtained either on a payment plan basis or on an invoice basis if desired.


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